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Protecting Assets And The Importance Of Geofencing Technology

High Ticket Events Come With High Risks

High profile events and high-value assets go hand and hand. Whether it’s a red carpet gala, an award ceremony, or a sporting event, big brands spend a lot of money making these events happen. At high-profile events, assets like vehicles & luxury jewelry are often borrowed from brands in exchange for the publicity they get from the event. Whatever the situation, mistakes are expensive. Brands who have assets in public, high profile and high traffic areas need to track these assets and protect them against loss or damage.

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People in charge of protecting assets need instant information from every angle, no matter where they are in the world.

The brands that take asset monitoring seriously are using the latest technology to ensure they are employing every layer of security possible. Aside from physical personnel and standard security systems, there are other tools that are enabling major operational wins for asset monitoring teams. Namely, location-based social media monitoring.


Monitor Your Assets Closely

We work with many teams that enlist these types of promotions. One team in particular, which also does executive protection for high profile VIPs, frequently monitors social media feeds to gain awareness of the activity surrounding the event in real-time. This team considers this level of situational intelligence essential for protecting their high-ticket investments.

Social media monitoring tools allow users to draw a digital fence around an area and set up alerts based on specific keywords. That way, people using these tools can then keep an eye on posts across a range of social media and other online networks in real time and be notified if anything concerning is posted.

Asset Monitoring Social Media

A great example of this technology in practice comes from one of our brand partners. They were using the tool for VIP protection during the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. Since they knew they wouldn’t have time just before, or during the games, their team set up their alert filters well in advance. They created geofences around routes, hotels, airports and other key locations and let Echosec scan the areas while they were on the ground. At a key moment, Echosec detected an image of a gun within one of their geofences. The team reacted quickly, rerouted the VIP to a secondary exit airport, and avoided the situation entirely.

Securing the Goods

Coordinating events with high profile individuals and high value inventory presents many challenges.

On-site staff and local media sources are indispensable resources when it comes to asset monitoring. However, having situational awareness at event locations requires a more advanced solution. Accessing the social media data surrounding the event means the event can be viewed from many perspectives. The power of social media monitoring truly reveals itself at events that are widely shared, liked, and retweeted across various social networks.

Asset-Monitoring Geofence

Your Asset Monitoring Toolkit

Leading brands and their security teams have reported tremendous gains and avoided costly risks since adding social media monitoring technology to their asset protection toolkit. The ability to monitor and analyze social media quickly from anywhere in the world is helping teams mitigate risk, and prevent costly loss and damage to their most valuable investments.

Social media data discovery is the new dimension in monitoring your most valuable assets.