When seconds matter in the public sector. See how software usability, speed to information, and breadth of data helps address key challenges faced by intelligence teams in this 3-part video series.


How Does the Public Sector Gather Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Echosec Systems March 23, 2021 Dark Web, Open Source Threat Intelligence, National Defense
Public sector intelligence teams are responsible for helping inform decisions for a range of national security threats—from natural disasters, terrorism, public health crises, and war, to disinformation campaigns and cyber threats. Read More

Boolean Rules Simplified: A Guide for Security & Intelligence Analysts

Echosec Systems March 17, 2021 Open Source Threat Intelligence, Digital Investigation
You’re an intelligence analyst and your team has just received an alert for a potential security breach. You need fast access to relevant data to generate threat intelligence and initiate a response, but your tooling is returning a sea of false positives that’ll take ages to navigate. Read More

5 Ways Governments Can Apply Open Source Intelligence

Echosec Systems March 09, 2021 Open Source Threat Intelligence, National Defense
In the face of national security threats, governments need to stay prepared and make prompt, appropriate decisions to protect assets and potentially save human life. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) has become valuable for driving these decisions. Read More

Cybersecurity to Passport Fraud: How OSINT Supports Airport Security

Echosec Systems March 02, 2021 Cyber Security, OSINT, National Defense
Online data sources—from social media to the dark web—give airport security personnel the information they need to support faster, more informed responses to security threats. In the modern threat landscape, this could mean avoiding millions in cyber damages or even saving human life. Read More

Where Digital Meets Physical: Integrating Your Threat Intelligence Strategy

Threat intelligence. For public and private sector security professionals, the term is often synonymous with detecting and mitigating cyber attacks like malware and phishing. Read More

Connecting the Dots | What Public Sector Analysts Need from OSINT Software

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is often described as a digital breadcrumb—a trail of clues left across the internet that help investigators understand adversaries. Read More

Threat Intelligence Tools and the Importance of Usability

Echosec Systems January 19, 2021 Open Source Threat Intelligence, National Defense
For the average software application, an intuitive UX usually means fewer headaches for the end-user. But when it comes to software for public sector intelligence teams, usability can make the difference between secured assets and loss of data, infrastructure, and human life. Read More

How to Prevent Credential Stuffing as Attackers Scale Up

Echosec Systems November 17, 2020 Executive Protection, Information Security, Data Breaches
Days before the 2016 US election, a group of ethical hackers in the Netherlands scanned through logins from LinkedIn’s 2012 breach. Then they took the password linked to Donald Trump’s account—yourefired—and were surprised when it worked against his Twitter login. Read More

[Security Magazine] Beyond standard risk feeds: Adopting a more holistic API solution

Echosec Systems November 12, 2020 OSINT, Digital Investigation, machine learning
Echosec Systems recently had an article published in Security Magazine: Beyond standard risk feeds: Adopting a more holistic API solution. Read More

Security on Auto-Pilot? How Threat Intelligence Tools Combat Alert Fatigue

In November 2013, analysts in a Bangalore security operations centre for Target received a number of malware alarms. The alerts later reached Target security staff in Minneapolis and were promptly dismissed as false positives. Read More
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