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*BIG NEWS* Flashpoint Has Acquired Echosec Systems!

Intuitive OSINT Tools For Real-Time Global Insights

Social Media • Online Discussions


Find Information Faster

On-the-ground situations often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and fringe networks gain traction, it is increasingly challenging to sift through the volume of data being created. That's where OSINT tools come in. Echosec Systems gathers a wide breadth of data in one intuitive platform so you can search, filter, analyze, and understand what's happening, in real-time. 



Accelerate Speed To Insight By 288%

Echosec Systems returns meaningful results in seconds. So you get the information you need, now.

The Tools You Need For Comprehensive OSINT


Find key information quickly with advanced filters. With broad and diverse data coverage, you can ensure that no post is overlooked.


Machine learning threat classifiers and custom alerts allow you to disqualify noise, and understand what needs your team's attention.


Pivot seamlessly across deep web, dark web, and social media spaces to gain context around any situation.

Learn more about how the Echosec Systems Platform works

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A Few Of Our Partners And Clients

Our technology is built around three core pillars:



When national security and human safety are at stake, every second counts. We are trusted by the world's most security-focused organizations for delivering immediate access to critical online information.



Intelligence teams are diverse in skill and experience levels. With our intuitive Platform, new users can be effective from day one.


Breadth of Data

We provide a single point of access to the widest range of OSINT data available. Don't miss out on key information because it exists on an obscure network or in another language.

What is OSINT? And how can you leverage it for your organization?


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • “We stopped counting the number of organizational wins because our leadership team (are completely onboard with the product).”
  • “The ability to organize social media information on a map… represents a fundamental shift in how real-time information about global events is acquired.”
  • "Having used this [Beacon] product, it is a must for any law enforcement cybercrime unit or for corporate security specific to branding and risk assessment."
  • "Next to the physical presence of security people, we realized using online discovery for events is a totally new dimension and very, very useful."
  • "I highly recommend Echosec to anyone looking for a powerful, yet user friendly, technological platform for leveraging social media data."

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