Get personal with location-based insights

Turn billions of social media posts into the ones that really matter with global geofencing technology.

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location-based social media

Draw a Virtual Geofence Anywhere

Pinpoint your research to just your location of interest and watch the results pour in. Filter by keyword, hashtag, or username within your geofence to find exactly what you’re looking for.

social media analytics

Get Social Analytics You Can Rely On

Run a query to see top users, hashtags, post frequency by time and more. Export the report in an easy-to-use CSV file for advanced analytics, quarterly reporting, or custom file manipulation.

Create Real Time Alerts for Instant Response

Set custom alerts according to priority level. When a post of interest is published, you get an email sent directly to your phone, allowing you to react instantly to sensitive topics.

Access the Most Social Networks

Eliminate gaps in your social monitoring with comprehensive data from 9+ social networks gathered and displayed in a single user-friendly interface.

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“The software is logical to use and I can see its value across multiple use cases.”

Sophie Peachey, Iotic Labs
“We need to know what’s happening on social media, so we use Echosec.”
Laurel Stark, The New Media Group

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