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Open-Source Intelligence Platform

The Echosec Systems Platform gathers real-time data from thousands of online sources to inform security and intelligence operations


Discover Risks in Real-Time

When working in high-risk environments, your team needs immediate information from the ground. Gain situational awareness with geo-located social media data from a wide range of unique data sources. Stay alert to emerging risks with image and keyword filters, and monitor violent incidents, weather events, and crisis situations associated with locations and topics of interest.

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Gather Insights From Online Discussions

Access a wide range of global online communities to quickly identify threats, learn about threat actor groups and their motives, and analyze extremist chatter. 

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Detect Exposures and Monitor Digital Assets

Many security and intelligence teams are siloed in their risk management strategy, resulting in information gaps and slower responses. Streamline team collaboration with asset monitoring software that enables organization-wide visibility into real-time risk indicators threatening your valuable digital assets.

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Trusted by organizations worldwide to:



  • Global security threats
  • Mis and disinformation
  • Threats to executives
  • Geopolitical situations
  • Threat actor groups
  • Security vulnerabilities


  • Active threats
  • Toxicity and hate speech
  • Disasters and public crises
  • Emerging global situations
  • Discussion forums
  • Locations and facilities


  • Physical security incidents
  • Location-based activity
  • Regional trends and activity spikes
  • Malign influence campaigns
  • Public safety risks
  • Breaking news events

Are you missing critical information?

Without Echosec Systems...

  • Posts are disordered and difficult to find
  • Searching is high-risk and time-consuming
  • You are likely to overlook critical data
  • You could expose your organization to further risk
  • You risk violating providers’ TOS and privacy laws

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Typically data like this can be mundane to sift through, but this tool allows you to narrow down searches to make the web not so wide while providing an aesthetically pleasing UI.
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- Investigations Manager

These projects would simply not be possible without the support and social responsibility demonstrated by the Echosec Team. I highly recommend Echosec to anyone looking for a powerful, yet user friendly, technological platform for capturing and leveraging social media data into action and superior customer service to match the power and flexibility of the tool.
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- Data Analyst

It is easy to use and understand, with a clean display of all of the relevant information. I demonstrate Echosec on my courses and delegates are able to start using it straight away.
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- OSINT Trainer