What is Echosec?

Echosec is an online intelligence platform. It gathers open data from hundreds of sources ranging from social media, to chat forums, to the darknet, and displays the data in an easy to use interface.

Saved search notifications allow users to get alerts when certain keyword and image content is posted within their search parameters.

Users can filter by dates, sources, keywords, and locations, to quickly find relevant content.

Why are people using Echosec?

Organizations around the world use Echosec to gather and analyze public chatter that impacts their brands, their assets, and their communities. Echosec users work primarily in security, brand protection, and first response.

How do I get started with Echosec?

Book a discovery call with our team to find out if Echosec fits your use case. From there, we will schedule a live demo and determine if Echosec is right for you.

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How much does Echosec cost?

Echosec has customized pricing tiers depending on your team size, use case, and data requirements. Contact us to book a call with our team.

Is there a brochure I can access for more information?

Yes. Two actually!

Echosec: Social Intelligence Platform

Beacon: Dark Web Discovery

Do you offer an API endpoint for your data?

We don’t offer a public API at this time. Please contact us directly if you require access to an API.

How does the technology work?

At its core, Echosec is a web application that leverages location-based data to search for social media and other open source information.

The base technology relies on a healthy mix of API requests directly to social media networks, as well as to third party information repositories.

In less than a second, our service is capable of contacting all of the services we tap into, aggregating and normalizing their response. For Enterprise the system scans for alerts and priority keywords and forward notifications directly to our customers. The composite results are live streamed to our connected end user for digestion in both the Pro and Enterprise versions.

Echosec’s concern with international privacy legislation and system reliability has led to hosting our distributed data stores around the globe. This allows individuals worldwide to access information through Echosec in accordance with their local privacy laws.

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Which data sources does Echosec have access to?

We currently aggregate data from over a hundred sources, including social media, blogs, traditional news, darknet, and online forums. Your data package may be customized in accordance to your use case and the terms of service of our providers. Please book a consultation to learn more.

Can you access private posts and accounts?

No. Echosec only accesses publicly available data. You will not find private messages, or any data from a private user’s account in our platform.

At Echosec we believe in respecting the privacy of individuals. Our full privacy policy is available here: