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Dark Web Search

Detect potential threats and prevent future attacks with surface web, deep and dark web monitoring.


Access and monitor data from fringe social networks, paste sites, deep web discussions, and dark websites from one simple-to-use Platform.

Online threats often hide in plain sight—on networks you may not know existed. Echosec Systems fills critical information gaps with a 360-degree view into the digital risk landscape.

Does your organization have blind spots? We deliver visibility into notoriously hard-to-access web spaces so you can quickly identify and eliminate risks.


Do you have leaked personally identifiable information or counterfeit goods being sold online?


What conversations are taking place about your brand, your people, or your topic of interest?

Breached Data

Have you been breached? Detect early-stage indicators, and identify older breached data that may still be circulating.

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Dark Web Search For Your OSINT Strategy

Dark web data is a crucial element for security and threat intelligence, and the team at Echosec have built a tool to search it.  What are you monitoring for?

What Is Tor And The Deep Web?

Like the deep web, the dark web contains unsearchable web pages—but is designed intentionally to create user anonymity, and requires special tools to access.

4 Reasons Why Your Retail Security Team Needs to Be on the Dark Web

Established retailers are well aware that security breaches can make or break a brand’s success. Retail is cybercrime’s most targeted industry.