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Feature Release: Digital Asset Security

Letter From Echosec Systems' CTO, Michael Raypold:

In 2014, Echosec Systems set out to make the world’s geo-based social media data available in an easy-to-use search engine. We soon extended this tool, Echosec, to include dark web data and data breaches in our threat intelligence focused add-on, Beacon.

New call-to-actionOur core objective—making it easier to find data for security and threat intelligence—has remained at the forefront of our product development as we continued to add new data sources.

When our dark web monitoring tool was first launched in 2019, our customers’ most requested feature was the ability to monitor all of these data sources in real-time. This allows analysts to set up background monitoring and detect critical events and security compromises more quickly.

This is crucial for organizations, who must reduce the time-to-detection for external events that can damage their brand, employees, and create risky operational environments.

The groundbreaking release of our risk portal enables analysts to monitor their digital asset security, 24/7. It is built specifically to monitor digital footprints in real-time across the open, deep, and dark web. It also fully integrates our proprietary NLP and AI technologies to surface, score and visualize relevant information faster than any system on the market. These capabilities, in combination with our breadth of data sources, will change the threat intelligence industry by allowing analysts to sort through data more quickly to surface only the most relevant business risks.

We speak regularly to our clients and know most of them work in teams, so we designed this new system to be easy to use with a focus on surfacing relevant data as fast as possible when working in team-centric environments. 

Traditionally, security and threat intelligence tooling has been about empowering individual users. We took a different approach, allowing team members to coordinate with fine-grained usage permissions and a shared inbox to achieve their intelligence goals more quickly and collaboratively. This is necessary as security initiatives now tend to cross boundaries within an organization.

Setting up background monitoring for executive protection, brand protection and data breaches has never been easier, allowing organizations to proactively set up assets and monitor streams of data in real-time.

Over the coming months, we have an ambitious roadmap that will evolve the new asset monitoring system in part based on client feedback, and aim to make digital risk protection and threat intelligence more approachable.

Clients can still expect a strong focus on usability and access to broad data sets, but we’ll soon be announcing even more exciting API access, export capabilities, notifications, and third-party integrations.

The new risk portal will be available for Beacon customers on August 4 and Echosec customers on September 16.

We look forward to continue working together with our clients to protect their digital assets and make security approachable.



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