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Echosec Systems API

Get direct access to a broad range of unique social, deep web, and dark web data to monitor online chatter and reduce critical information gaps


Close information gaps with 75% more global coverage

Be confident in knowing you're getting all the information. Our region-specific coverage is critical for understanding global context. >> Connect with us

As an intelligence professional, you need to access a wide breadth of online data to inform security operations. Echosec Systems' API delivers direct access to a unique range of fringe social media networks, imageboards, and forums, and allows you to integrate and leverage this data within your own systems and tooling.


Bolster your security intelligence with:

Real-time data

Currently accessing over one million unique new data points daily, our API crawls and indexes 24/7 so your team is the first to know about potential threats.

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Seamless integration

Integrate our unique data directly into your existing systems and tooling for contextual analysis and a streamlined workflow.

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Multilingual capabilities

Online activity knows no geographic boundary. Producing robust intelligence involves gathering information across multiple languages.

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Deep web monitoring

Identify illicit conversations and detect potential attacks in near real-time with access to millions of deep web forums, documents, and paste sites.

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Fringe social networks

Monitor multiple fringe and decentralized content sources like imageboards, forums, and chats, not available through many other commercial solutions.

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ML-powered threat scoring

Machine learning models automatically detect radical language, toxicity, and data disclosure within the content, and tag the results based on the degree of risk.