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About Echosec Systems

Bridging the gap between online chatter and real-world security threats

There is a growing overlap between the digital and physical worlds. To understand what’s happening on the ground, security and intelligence teams need to explore all corners of the surface, deep, and dark web. 

The volume of online data being created every day is incredibly valuable for teams protecting nations, people, and critical assets. It also presents a new set of challenges—like data overwhelm and analyst fatigue. Filtering out the noise and quickly zeroing in on the information that matters is increasingly important.

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Echosec Systems is a leading publicly available information (PAI) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) provider. Founded in 2013 in British Columbia, Canada, the company helps public and private sector organizations improve situational awareness and identify threats. The Echosec Systems Platform and API are prized by teams that value geographic insights, speed to information, data variety, and usability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect people, places, and organizations by making public web data more accessible. We build powerful, intuitive tools that bridge information gaps between online chatter and real-world security threats.


WATCH: What Is The Echosec Systems Platform?



Our Approach

  • Compliance: We are a privacy-first company and are SOC 2 compliant
  • Flexibility: Our clients have variable requirements so we offer a web-based Platform or API
  • Agility: The online world evolves quickly and so do we. We crawl millions of new data points every month
  • Responsiveness: We prioritize data sources based on our client's requirements

Some Of Our Partners And Clients