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Protecting the Prime Minister

September 10, 2021

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What's Happening?

Canada is in the midst of a Federal election campaign, and incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been facing angry protesters at recent campaign events. The protesters are largely anti-vaccine/ anti-vaccine mandate/anti-mask/anti-lockdown proponents, but there has also been a far-right element in attendance, including alleged white supremacists. Barbara Perry, a professor at Ontario Tech University and director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism,
said “It’s really anti-Trudeau; it’s not anti-Liberal, it’s not just anti-state, it really is almost ad hominem attacks on Trudeau”.

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On September 6th at a campaign stop in London, Ontario, Trudeau was pelted with rocks and gravel while returning to his campaign bus. CTV National News reported that the alleged perpetrator was Shane Marshall, the president of the People's Party of Canada's Elgin-Middlesex-London riding association, who has since been removed from that role. The PPC is a far-right party that has no seats in parliament.

Extremism experts are warning of potentially escalating violence, and Perry indicates “there’s a very, very strong possibility” that things will get worse. “We started with rocks, gravel, being thrown at Trudeau [on Monday] in London. What’s the next level after that? What gets thrown next?”

How Does This Impact You?

Trudeau isn’t just any executive, he is the leader of Canada. If any harm came to him it would have severe ramifications for Canada, and violence toward him could potentially harm innocent bystanders and peaceful protesters.

The verbal and physical attacks on Prime Minister Trudeau illustrate the need for OSINT data, both for sentiment analysis and executive protection. PM Trudeau faces a situation where he is part of an election campaign and is attending many public events close together, facing increasingly violent crowds of protestors, sometimes instigated by far-right forces. His security team is facing an intersection between extremism and executive protection, all while travelling extensively in potentially insecure locations.

How Can You Stay Secure?

Travel risk information is increasingly available on public online sources like social media, news, and other unindexed sites. Easy access to relevant data can give existing executive protection functions the intel required to understand and respond to emerging risks more quickly and effectively.

Alt-tech platforms, imageboards, and deep web forums hold a wealth of information critical for counterterrorism/counter-extremism, geopolitical risk monitoring, and government intelligence. 

Echosec Systems delivers streamlined access to this information in real-time and enriches data for enhanced security and intelligence to help identify threats faster, and develop timely, more informed risk response and investigation.

  • Using location-based social search tools to find public social media posts suggesting a violent threat geotagged near critical locations. 
  • Monitoring social media sources and fringe online web spaces for mentions that could indicate violent intent or planning. 
  • Real-time OSINT data via API helps governments understand how extremist groups operate so they can then predict public safety risks and protect citizens and assets from domestic and global terrorism