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Physical Threats On The Rise

July 30, 2021

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What's Happening?

A new survey by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence found that physical security risks are expected to increase as businesses reopen.

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According to the survey, 75% of physical and cybersecurity leaders believe that physical security threats will increase exponentially as facilities open. A third reported at least one physical security threat per week this year, and almost half agreed that physical security harms incurred could have been avoided through a unified cyber-physical strategy.


How Does This Affect You?

Organizations welcoming back staff or the public are reopening to an entirely different threat landscape than they left over a year ago. Beyond the pandemic, several circumstances—from increased domestic extremism to heightened social unrest—have changed physical security risk factors. Without an adaptive security strategy, your organization could be putting people, infrastructure, and other assets in harm’s way.


How Can You Stay Secure?

The Ontic survey found that 95% of security professionals agree that convergence—which merges cyber and physical security—is crucial to stay ahead of threats. A converged security strategy means:

  • Evaluating your organization’s physical security risks and information gaps that have emerged since the initial lockdown.
  • Improving communication channels between cyber and physical security departments and involving both teams in security assessment and planning going forward.
  • Adopting risk management tools and software that are easily usable for non-IT personnel and facilitate cross-department communication and functionality.


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