What is fake news? And how to spot it!

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Fake News Not A ‘New’ Phenomenon On June 1st, 1897, The New York Herald published an article claiming that famous American writer Mark Twain was “grievously ill and possibly dying.” The following day, Twain was quoted by The New York Journal as saying, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” In those days, such rumours would have been called … Read More

An Interview with Ben Milsom – Tech Dragons


Tech Dragons recently sat down with Echosec’s Ben Milsom, our head of UK business development. The interview discusses Echosec as a business as well as the Welsh tech scene. We recommend taking a 4-minute break and giving the full interview a read through. It is available here: http://techdragons.wales/interview-ben-milsom-of-echosec/