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Echosec Systems is a leader in the online data discovery and threat intelligence industry. The platform includes robust social media and dark web monitoring technology as well as an API for integrations and data flexibility.

At its core, the Echosec Systems Platform is a web based system that leverages location-based and exposed deep/dark web data to inform intelligence and security teams of digital and physical risks and online threats.

The base technology relies on a combination of API requests directly to social media networks, third party information repositories, and the Echosec Platform API.

In less than a second, our service is capable of contacting thousands of data sources, and aggregating and normalizing their response. Our systems scan the web for images and priority keywords around the clock, so our clients are alerted when issues arise. 

Echosec’s concern with international privacy legislation and system reliability has led to hosting our distributed data stores around the globe. This allows individuals worldwide to access information through Echosec in accordance with their local privacy laws.

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