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Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

Safeguard your goods every step of the way

Supply chain disruptions can have crippling impacts—especially when the goods in question are critical for national security, healthcare, or critical infrastructure.

The Echosec Systems Platform delivers access to thousands of online networks where supply chain vulnerabilities are exposed, and attacks are planned and discussed among adversaries. 

When this data is readily available, indexed, and searchable, security teams have the tools they need to better protect and secure supply chains across transportation networks, digital spaces, and final destinations.

"When critical goods are at stake, we can't afford to have information gaps. This data paints a picture of what's really happening along our supply chain."

Security Analyst — HEALTHCARE

Risk Response for Transportation Security


Real-time social data from Echosec Systems allows teams to:

  • Detect physical security threats at specific locations around the world
  • Find mentions of products, companies, locations within online discussions to assess risks
  • Discover and avoid disruptions like extreme weather, traffic incidents, or geopolitical situations

We now know that very few supply chain managers were prepared for disruptions caused by the pandemic. Conventional supply chain security protocols, like emergency response plans and security details, are no longer enough to maintain visibility and avoid a reactive strategy. Additional resources, like open-source data, are required to help security teams find early warning indicators and monitor global locations proactively.

With access to the right information at the right time, governments and private enterprises can improve situational awareness, keep their supply chains more secure and keep their people and assets safer.

Leverage real-time social data to ensure the complete safety and security of assets from departure to destination.


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