Is Social Media Engagement the Missing Link in Your Marketing Strategy?

Karl SwannieBrand Reputation, Marketing

As a digital marketer, you’re constantly thinking of new ways to increase qualified traffic to your website and generate new business for your companies. There are almost limitless ways to do this – paid advertising, inbound marketing, email campaigns, influencer marketing…need I go on? However, there’s one part of the digital marketer’s technology stack you might be neglecting; social media. Social media engagement may be the biggest opportunity you’re not giving enough attention to right now, and here’s why.

Social media is where people hang out

We’ve heard this argument countless times: “My company is in the B2B space, what’s the point of engaging on social media?” However, behind every B2B business are the people that work for them. Everyone is on social media, regardless of who they work for. With the ever-growing trend of people moving to their smartphones to consume digital media, it’s about where and when you’re able to engage with them. Whether it’s on the train home from work, browsing late at night or in the morning over breakfast, your target audience does use social media. You just have to find them.


Oracle isn’t exactly a consumer-facing product that you would expect to have a large social media presence, but they have over 16,500 Tweets and 700,000 followers! Social media engagement works for them, and it will work for you too.

Social media engagement creates good optics

Ever research a product you’re interested in buying? Typically you’ll do a branded search on Google, or search something like “[product name] reviews”. If you do that for Echosec, the seventh organic result is our Facebook page. If the most recent post on our Facebook was from 2012, we wouldn’t look very credible. It’s important to post, engage, and react to what’s happening in the social media landscape so you can look credible while people are in the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the networks most people think of first when trying to find their audience on social media. However, these popular networks aren’t the only ones that deserve your attention. Thought leadership from C-level executives at your company on LinkedIn can go a long way in making your company look like an expert in your industry. And anyone who’s ever gone down a YouTube rabbit hole knows that the comments sections of those videos can generate a lot of buzz. These examples are just drops in the bucket of how far the conversation travels. To get the best picture of what’s happening on social media, it’s important to aggregate as many networks as possible.

Social works as a lead generation engine

While optics are important, social media engagement isn’t just about looking the part. Research from Hubspot indicates that “By spending as little as 6 hours per week, over 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media.” As marketers, your goal is to generate leads. If you can spend as little as 15% of our time on a demand-generation channel that generates qualified leads, you should do it! The key is to engage with people in the right place at the right time.



A well executed social media engagement strategy isn’t easy, but done right it can drive a significant amount of traffic, credibility, and revenue for your organization. Check out our white paper below to see how a tool like Echosec has helped brands attract, engage, and retain customers all over the world.




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