Case File: The Language Gap

Is your team fluent in target languages and cultures? See the value of context and how to use OSINT tools for multilingual analysis.

Case Study: Brand Protection for the Food and Beverage Industry

See how we found actionable threat intelligence relevant to a popular pizza chain brand.

Case File: Improving Risk Response for Transportation Security

See how to identify and investigate threats to national transportation security with the support of online data.

Case File: Digital Risk Protection for a Global Financial Institution

Cybersecurity risks, breach vulnerabilities, targeted fraud, brand and PR risks, and more. See what we found online for global financial organization.

Digital Risk Protection: Why Intuitive Cross-Platform Monitoring is the New Standard

Some of the most damaging threats to business now originate in online spaces. See how to address the gaps in your intelligence.

Case File: Why Niche Social Data Matters for Counter-Terror Initiatives

See how niche social data and dark websites are essential for counter-terrorism and explore a case study on incel extremism.

The Opioid Crisis: Supporting Response and Mitigation Efforts with Online Data

See the role that online data plays in the ongoing opioid health crisis in North America.

Protecting Executives with Online Data

Learn how to protect high risk executives from digital and physical threats with alerts from social media and dark web content.

Threat Intelligence for Retail Security

Learn how criminals not only exploit retailers' digital vulnerabilities, but also use the web to enable or disclose in-store threats.

Case Study: Citizen Journalism and Breaking News

Take a peek at how the journalism website Bellingcat uses Echosec for breaking news and current events.

Data Discovery Tools for National Security: Three Use Cases

Learn three specific use cases for using a comprehensive data discovery tool to protect the public.

CHECKLIST: Are You Choosing the Right DRP Solution?

Organizations require effective digital risk protection solutions for cross-enterprise applications. See how your solution stacks up.


Case File: Discovering Financial Fraud with Hidden Online Data

See how finance and insurance organizations are using data discovery tools to detect and mitigate cybercriminal threats.



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