Feb 11, 2018

• Added a Strava heatmap layer that can be enabled by using the map layer and overlay selector in the top right corner of the map.

• Improved the loading speed of the application.
• Fixed a bug that prevented keyword searches from working with non alphanumeric characters. Eg: emojis and the Arabic alphabet.
• Fixed a bug that resulted in fewer Youtube results being returned.
• Reddit places now support local sport teams and arenas in North America.
• Improved UI consistency in the user settings.
• General maintenance and bug fixes.

Feb 04, 2018

• Users can now favourite a search and then filter by favourites in their search history.
• Users can now filter alerts in the alerts dashboard by priority.
• Increased the number of searches that a user can run within a 5 minute period.
• Users can now filter posts to only show those which contain a video.
• Significant performance improvements across all browsers.
• Fixed a couple cross browser compatibility issues in Firefox and Safari.
• Many language changes to make the application more accessible to end-users.
• Improved the quick search experience on mobile.
• General maintenance and bug fixing.


Jan 18, 2018

  • Performance improvements when streaming search results
  • Bug fixes
  • Hashtag percentages no longer appear alongside hashtags in the “top tags” slide out.

December 19, 2016

The one noteworthy thing in this release is an Enterprise feature:
Enterprise feature – Saved searches now include the ability to choose the services (social media feeds) that are a part of the search. So if you only want to run a search with Reddit then you can do that now. Have fun!
That’s it. There was really nothing exciting about this release because we’re working on something big for our next release. Stay tuned!

December 12, 2016

Enterprise Repair – The color scheme that we chose for our email alert notifications was bright. Really bright. So bright that the headers for the email alerts were not readable on low contrast screens. We’ve darkened some of the colors in the palette and reduced the saturation of the rest. Our eyes don’t hurt anymore, we’re thinking yours won’t either.
Bug Fix – Usually when you select a Periscope post then click to view it in the lightbox it plays the video. That wasn’t the case for a while. We’ve fixed it though and now Periscope plays in lightbox again. Hooray.
Bug Fix – As an Echosec customer, we believe that you should be able to update your account information (including your billing information) easily and securely. We built this functionality into the app. So we were really sad when it broke and you were unable to update your billing information yourself. We’ve gone back and fixed this so you can update your information easily and securely again. We’re really sorry about this one.
To-Do – Remeber when we added in the lightbox last summer? It was such a hit with our customers we’ve upgraded it. Now the images displayed are responsive so they shrink when you shrink your screen.

October 4, 2016

Enterprise Repair – When you clicked on Retrieve results only during the following date range:. Then attempted to save a search with an empty date range you would get an error saying Date range is blank. If you then switched back to the map it would retrieve results continuously in the background but the error message would remain. This was annoying. It has been fixed and the error now clears off the screen.
Enterprise Repair – Sometimes, after saving a search, then performing a new search, the text on the date search button would be incorrect. It is now correct all of the time (we’re fairly sure). Sorry for any confusion with this one.
Bug fix – For a short period of time it was possible to use the main map page of the Echosec application over HTTP. This posed a possible security risk for users that connected over HTTP. We’ve fixed this and now you automagically connect over HTTPS, every time.

September 20, 2016

This release was mainly focused on getting the Analytics Page up and running. Analytics is a part of the really big release that we’re planning for January (analytics will be an Enterprise feature, if you’re a pro user and want to see analytics let us know). Stay tuned for more info.
This release also contained a few minor bug fixes. We promise they are either too minor to go into detail about or too boring to care about, but they needed to be fixed.

August 23, 2016

New Pro and Enterprise Feature – We have Reddit now!

Reddit is the front page of the internet. It is a news aggregation site where users can vote up or down to promote content. Promoted content then appears more regularly for everyone else. Reddit is organized into various sub-forums on individual topics called subreddits. Echosec has geo-coded every regional, city, or area specific subreddit and can now visualize it in the application. Users that conduct a standard Echosec search can see every regional subreddit that overlaps that particular region.
Updated Pro Feature – Remember the lightbox for expanding images that was in the last release? Well, it’s now supports video playback, so you can watch cat videos to your hearts content without leaving the Echosec application.
Updates Pro Feature – Previously the images in the post detail view for a VK posts were really small. We’ve done a bit of magic and now they are larger!
Bug fix on free.echosec.net – Every once and a while the drawing tools on free didn’t always start drawing where you expected. This made drawing a box really awkward. It’s now fixed so searching on free is as easy as it should be.
Bug Fix – For a short time emoticons weren’t being displayed correctly 🙁 but not to fear, this has been fixed.

July 15, 2016

New Pro and Enterprise Feature – We have Periscope now!

Periscope is a live streaming application provided by Twitter. Periscope users can broadcast their actions or their viewpoint to anyone in the world.
Echosec users can now live-stream Periscope from within the application to get actionable intelligence from users that are directly on the ground.
New Pro Feature – Remember the lightbox for expanding images that was released as a new enterprise feature in April? Well, it’s now on Pro! Give it a try. Let us know what you think.
Bug Fix – When you clicked on the Area Filter (the eye button on top of the social feeds filters), it would display the posts currently being viewed on the map in the results pane. But the number of results at the top of the results pane would remain constant. This was confusing. Now the number of results at the top of the results pane is the number of results displayed.
Bug fix – When you refreshed a search the map wouldn’t zoom to the bounds of your search area. This was annoying in most circumstances. You can now refresh your search it will zoom appropriately for you.
Feature – Twitter has started giving us more data than ever before (WOO HOO!!) but some of this data isn’t precisely geocoded, so we’ve displayed a bit differently. If you click on a Twitter post and there isn’t a ‘center on map’ button in the top right of the post detail view then you’ve found one these new Twitter posts. Congratulations! There is a prize for the first customer to find them all 😉
Feature – There is a limit to the size of image that our image/object detection engine will accept. We’ve increased that limit and you can now submit even bigger images.
Bug Fix – For a short time our Shipping AIS and Foursquare data was displaying intermittently. It once again displays reliably… well we’re fairly sure it does anyways, let us know if you run into any problems.

May 17, 2016

Bug fix – When you changed pages or opened a new user tour the old tour would stay open. You could also open multiple tours at once. This was annoying. It has now been fixed. User tours now only come in singles and only when you ask for them.
Bug fix – When you had a blank address our geocoder used to fail. Now it doesn’t. Go ahead and search blank address’ all day long! Let us know what you find.

May 2, 2016

Task – The coordinates of posts and your cursor on the map (with the ‘Display Coordinates’ button) is now displayed as ‘latitude, longitude’ instead of ‘longitude, latitude’. We had a lot of back and forth before making this switch, the following is a snippet from our Slack channel about it:

Nick (developer): My understanding, vague as it is, is that most non-GIS people use lat/lng, while GIS tends towards lng/lat.
Mike (developer): because lng/lat is X,Y
Sam (developer): We are using EPSG:4326 on our map though. The convention for that is lat long
Sam (developer): yay maps!

April 25, 2016

Bug Fix – A bug affecting Flickr posts was fixed. Now all of the text is shown in the post detail view of Flickr posts.
New Enterprise Feature – The post detail view for some feeds produced really tiny and hard to see images. There is now a lightbox for expanding these images. So you can see a larger view of the selfies on VK.

April 4, 2016

Bug Fix – There was a bug causing the emoji search to not function as expected. It has been fixed in this release and you can now search with ?