Apr 10, 2018

• Billing pages now support referral codes.
• Removed email activation requirements to improve onboarding.

• Fixed bug where Flickr posts always appeared at the top of the search results.
• Fixed issue where too many Twitter firehose posts would stream in, thus overloading the client.
• Saved searches now have a more condensed and cleaned up dashboard so that users don’t have to navigate around as much.
• Fixed a bug where saved searches didn’t correctly order by priority.
• Fixed a bug where users could not translate posts on small screens.

Mar 19, 2018

• Content Feed filters are now hidden/displayed by clicking “…” in the filter bar

• The default screen when the application loads is now the map.
• A number of small UI/UX tweaks around language, icons and interactions within the application to improve consistency and usability.
• Enterprise is now soft launched and available for preview.
• All previous saved searches have been deleted in preparation for the Enterprise launch.
• Batch notification emails now show fewer results and are grouped by social media provider, with a link to find the remaining notifications in the application.
• Enterprise users can now view statistics on their quick search results by clicking “Analytics” on the sidebar, after a search has been run.
• Fixed issue for Enterprise users where saved searches did not poll correctly.
• Fixed a bug for Enterprise users who couldn’t view post detail information for their notifications.

Mar 4, 2018

• Users can now see the top authors in a search and filter the content feed by author. Only available for social media providers. (Internal – Note that VK Community and VK User are currently displayed for VK authors. Improvements are ongoing).
• Fixed issue where login and password resets would sometimes cause too many requests to the server.
• There is a new data sources panel in user settings, that will in the future allow users to apply for Facebook and Instagram access.
• The logout button has been removed from the subscription page.
• Users can now filter search history by saved searches.

Feb 19, 2018

• The search bar has been completely redesigned.
• Snapchat maps has been added for all users.
• The stream view has been improved to make better use of space and show more post content.

Feb 11, 2018

• Added a Strava heatmap layer that can be enabled by using the map layer and overlay selector in the top right corner of the map.

• Improved the loading speed of the application.
• Fixed a bug that prevented keyword searches from working with non alphanumeric characters. Eg: emojis and the Arabic alphabet.
• Fixed a bug that resulted in fewer Youtube results being returned.
• Reddit places now support local sport teams and arenas in North America.
• Improved UI consistency in the user settings.
• General maintenance and bug fixes.

Feb 04, 2018

• Users can now favourite a search and then filter by favourites in their search history.
• Users can now filter alerts in the alerts dashboard by priority.
• Increased the number of searches that a user can run within a 5 minute period.
• Users can now filter posts to only show those which contain a video.
• Significant performance improvements across all browsers.
• Fixed a couple cross browser compatibility issues in Firefox and Safari.
• Many language changes to make the application more accessible to end-users.
• Improved the quick search experience on mobile.
• General maintenance and bug fixing.


Jan 18, 2018

  • Performance improvements when streaming search results
  • Bug fixes
  • Hashtag percentages no longer appear alongside hashtags in the “top tags” slide out.