Feb 4, 2019


– New data provider! Discord is now enabled. Learn more about Discord in our newest blog post.
– Enabled commas to behave as “OR”s in keyword searches
-Fixed an issue affecting exact match keyword searches

Jan 28, 2019


-Fixed an issue affecting scrolling on post contents.

Jan 14, 2019


– Fixed an issue preventing use of ‘OR’ keyword filters for VK provider.
– Fixed an issue where users could run a search on a single point and would receive an error message.

Jan 5, 2019


– Users are now informed by a toast when their search crosses a dateline as some data providers don’t fully support cross dateline searches.

Dec 30, 2018


– The user will now see a warning toast if their search crosses the dateline.
– Object detection on saved search notifications will now show a list of detected objects on top of the image.

Dec 23, 2018


– Notifications which have “detected objects” are now highlighted in the notifications gallery. You must add object detection to a saved search for this feature to work.
– A warning toast is displayed if a search crosses the dateline.

Dec 15, 2018


– Provided a pseudo fix for searches that cross the dateline so that the larger area of the bounding box is retained and the smaller areas is cut off.

Dec 9, 2018


– Improved the search filters UX on smaller screens and tablets.
– Removed Snapengage from the login page.
– Users are now prevented from setting their “primary” email as a “secondary” email in the notifications destinations panel.

Dec 2, 2018


– Changed the ordering of content tabs on the left side of the screen so that “SAVED SEARCHES” is above “SEARCH FILTERS”.
– The “registration” button now shows “book a consultation”.

Nov 28, 2018


– Improved the UX around saving a search, so that when a search is saved, users are presented with a modal that guides them as to next steps.
– Fixed an icon for the keyword exclusion filters that didn’t work in select browsers or operating systems.

Nov 27, 2018


– Fixed an issue affecting saved searches containing object detection filters.
– Improved the responsive design of the saved search filters page.


– A toast is displayed to users when they save a new keyword, author or object detection filter.

– Fixed an issue where users couldn’t delete the last keyword filter unless the page was refreshed.

Nov 14, 2018


– The saved search dashboard now shows posts by default instead of summary statistics.
– Fixed a bug where search queries with multiple brackets were not returning the correct results. Eg: “((hello) AND (world))” wouldn’t run a search for “Hello AND World”.
– Fixed a bug for Enterprise users where the system would not correctly display the AND / OR keywords that the search was saved with.
– Improved the save search edit page to make it more clear to the user which parameters and content providers are attached to a saved search.
– Fixed a bug that resulted in hashtag counts being incorrect for quick search statistics.
– Released a major feature which allows users to create “saved search filters” that they can attach to multiple saved searches; reducing the amount of duplicate searches and filters that a user needs to create and maintain in the system.
– Fixed a bug where the CSV upload of keyword filters did not work on Windows based computers.

Oct 1, 2018


– Clicking the “unread posts” and “total posts” header in the saved search explorer will now redirect the user to the notifications for that search.
– Fixed a bug that resulted in duplicate Twitter posts being returned to the client.
– Reddit post titles are now translated when the user opts to translate a social media post.


– The map now has an icon in the bottom right corner, that when clicked, allows the user to display the coordinates for the location their cursor is hovering over on the map.


– Fixed a bug where Reddit posts displayed an error when the user attempted to translate them.
– Improved the UI for the settings pages on larger (13+ inch) screens.
– Fixed a bug where long Twitter firehose posts (120+ characters) were incorrectly discard from the system despite matching the user’s search parameters.


– The performance of the saved searches dashboard has been improved when the page first loads. To facilitate this change, notification counts are no longer displayed on the left navigation bar.
– Phone numbers are no longer required for registration.


– The saved search streams page has been reworked to be more performant. Duplicate information that is available in the saved searches panel has been removed from the stream header so that the UI is more streamlined and results in a quicker page load.

– The new daily digest email format is available for all customers.


– Updated the styling and messaging on the billing and and registration pages. The workflow has stayed the same.
– Enterprise users can now exclude retweets from notifications. The system currently excludes normal retweets automatically. However, sometimes, a user would manually retweet a post using “RT @username” which isn’t flagged by Twitter as a retweet. Users now have the option to also exclude these results.
– The graph showing the post volume over time for a saved search has been changed to reflect the dates that posts were created at instead of dates that posts were streamed through the system.
– Fixed an issue where notification filters for enterprise users provided false positives. Eg: the filter “king” would falsely notify when “parking” was found in a post.


– Significantly expanded the amount of Reddit content being returned in search results. Users will now receive historical Reddit comments.
– Increased the amount of content that a user can see for each post returned. More specifically, social media and news content that was previously cut off will now be displayed.
– Updated the styling of the user settings to be more consistent with material design.

Aug 13, 2018


– Fixed an issue where CSV upload for saved search filters did not work on windows.
– Significant performance improvements have been made when exporting saved search results.
– The Strava heat map layer has been removed until further notice.
– Pro users will no longer have access to teams.
– Fixed a bug for Enterprise users where occasionally keywords exclusion filters ended up sending a notification email.
– Places has been improved to show the most relevant polygons.
– General bug fixing and maintenance.


– Improved the propagation of error messages to users so that its clear why an action resulted in an undesired outcome.
– Improved the reliability of statistics in the saved search digest emails.


– Fixed a bug that resulted in improper dates being returned on the Medium, 4chan, Tumblr and Pinterest feeds.
– Fixed a bug that prevented quick search analytics from displaying correctly on smaller screens.
– Fixed a bug that prevented post export from working on all browsers and environments.
– More UI improvements to move the application in-line with Google’s Material Design.


– When clicking the keyword search input box, the user is presented with an example explaining how to use the AND/OR system.
– Fixed an issue where the “see context” button in the post detail didn’t display correctly on smaller screens.

July 12, 2018

– Twitter context in post detail
– Bug fix: Firehose AND/OR logic works now
– Bug fixes

– Fixed saved search streams trying to load in the background after leaving the page
– No 3 keyword limit (255 char limit now)
– Deprecate Free-to-Pro trial
– Removed notification centre
– Refactored sidebar navigation
– No Split view or Results buttons
– Arrow buttons on edge of post feed
– Mark as Saved search posts as read workflow updated
– Bug fixes

– OK.ru
– Provider filters in the side bar (inactive state fixed)
– Saved search navigation buttons in a menu now (UI cleanup)
– Some VK posts will show author information
– Analytics bug fixes
– Icons updated
– Post feed: Stream view styling updated
– Fixed bug where keyword only results were showing up in Location + Keyword searches
– Other bug fixes

– Entirely bug fixing, maintenance and performance improvements.

June 20, 2018

• Users can now sort their quick search results by “Most Recent”, “Most Popular” or “Most Followers”. This is an extension of the engagement system.
• Foursquare posts now show more content in the post detail (check ins, ratings and unique users).

• Enterprise – Fixed a bug where users would get notified on old posts.
• Enterprise – Users can now export up to fifty thousand posts a day from their saved searches.
• Enterprise – Users now get warned and in some cases prevented from saving a search with blacklisted keywords. That is to say, users get warned when saving a search which violates the terms of service of service providers.
• Enterprise – Fixed a bug where users could not delete extremely large saved searches.
• Enterprise – Saved search streams are now sorted by favourite.

June 4, 2018

• Fixed a number of bugs and improved the VK search results so that more information, including user names are now returned to the client when available.

• Added a number of new feeds (4chan, Tumblr, Pinterest and Medium). These new feeds currently only support keyword searches.
• Expanded news search, such that the user now receives additional content.

• Added engagement metrics to the search results.
• Popular and trending posts will have a fire icon in the post feed to symbolize trending/popularity.
• Influential users and those with many followers will now have a “person” icon in the post feed.
• Number of shares, retweets, likes, etc… now show up in the post detail view for each post.

• Slightly modified the theming of the application to be more consistent.

May 17, 2018

• A hotfix to fix a bug where users weren’t able to run a search on mobile without hitting `enter`.

• Enterprise – Notifications for saved searches can now be dispatched to multiple email addresses. The user’s email is the “primary” destination and all additional emails are secondary. There is no limit on the number of secondary emails. Any changes to the saved search settings (eg: muting notifications) will propagate to all emails.
• Enterprise – Notifications for saved searches can now be dispatched to webhooks.
• Enterprise – Users can now mark all notifications for a specific saved search as read. (Mark all as read)
• Enterprise – Users can now mark specific notifications as read. (Mark visible as read). Currently this marks all notifications loaded on the page as read.
• Enterprise – Object detection is now enabled. Users can enter filters, similar to how they select keyword filters, to notify them when specific objects are detected in a photo on the post. Object detection must be enabled on a per-search basis.

• Enterprise – Notifications are now ordered by the time the social media post was created.
• Enterprise – If the user generated more than 5 instant notifications per minute, they get clustered and delivered as a batch email.
• Enterprise – Users can now filter their saved search notifications by video, image, location and unread status within the saved search display panel.
• Enterprise – Removed the concept of “new” notifications. All notifications are now either considered “unread” or “read”.

• The export map feature has been removed as it did not function properly and wasn’t being used by customers.
• Users can now permanently delete a search in their search history.
• The number of flickr results has been increased from a maximum of 100 to a maximum of 500.
• Flickr results can now also return videos.
• Users can now pre-filter their searches for images and videos before submission, allowing the application to optimize returned search results.

• Fixed a number of UI issues and moved further towards the Material spec.

May 8, 2018

• Twitter firehose now excludes retweets.
• Users can now reply, retweet, like and direct message Twitter posts through the Post Detail panel if they are currently signed in to a Twitter account in their browser. Further Twitter integration is planned over the coming weeks.
• Fixed issue where long YouTube titles would push images off the screen.
• Enterprise users can now save or favourite a search that returns zero results.

• Fixed a misaligned translation button.
• General UI fixes.

• Temporarily removed sports teams and arenas from showing up in “places”.
• Enterprise – The saved search and notifications UI has been reworked to be a better experience on mobile and tablets.

Apr 10, 2018

• Billing pages now support referral codes.
• Removed email activation requirements to improve onboarding.

• Fixed bug where Flickr posts always appeared at the top of the search results.
• Fixed issue where too many Twitter firehose posts would stream in, thus overloading the client.
• Saved searches now have a more condensed and cleaned up dashboard so that users don’t have to navigate around as much.
• Fixed a bug where saved searches didn’t correctly order by priority.
• Fixed a bug where users could not translate posts on small screens.

Mar 19, 2018

• Content Feed filters are now hidden/displayed by clicking “…” in the filter bar

• The default screen when the application loads is now the map.
• A number of small UI/UX tweaks around language, icons and interactions within the application to improve consistency and usability.
• Enterprise is now soft launched and available for preview.
• All previous saved searches have been deleted in preparation for the Enterprise launch.
• Batch notification emails now show fewer results and are grouped by social media provider, with a link to find the remaining notifications in the application.
• Enterprise users can now view statistics on their quick search results by clicking “Analytics” on the sidebar, after a search has been run.
• Fixed issue for Enterprise users where saved searches did not poll correctly.
• Fixed a bug for Enterprise users who couldn’t view post detail information for their notifications.

Mar 4, 2018

• Users can now see the top authors in a search and filter the content feed by author. Only available for social media providers. (Internal – Note that VK Community and VK User are currently displayed for VK authors. Improvements are ongoing).
• Fixed issue where login and password resets would sometimes cause too many requests to the server.
• There is a new data sources panel in user settings, that will in the future allow users to apply for Facebook and Instagram access.
• The logout button has been removed from the subscription page.
• Users can now filter search history by saved searches.

Feb 19, 2018

• The search bar has been completely redesigned.
• Snapchat maps has been added for all users.
• The stream view has been improved to make better use of space and show more post content.

Feb 11, 2018

• Added a Strava heatmap layer that can be enabled by using the map layer and overlay selector in the top right corner of the map.

• Improved the loading speed of the application.
• Fixed a bug that prevented keyword searches from working with non alphanumeric characters. Eg: emojis and the Arabic alphabet.
• Fixed a bug that resulted in fewer Youtube results being returned.
• Reddit places now support local sport teams and arenas in North America.
• Improved UI consistency in the user settings.
• General maintenance and bug fixes.

Feb 04, 2018

• Users can now favourite a search and then filter by favourites in their search history.
• Users can now filter alerts in the alerts dashboard by priority.
• Increased the number of searches that a user can run within a 5 minute period.
• Users can now filter posts to only show those which contain a video.
• Significant performance improvements across all browsers.
• Fixed a couple cross browser compatibility issues in Firefox and Safari.
• Many language changes to make the application more accessible to end-users.
• Improved the quick search experience on mobile.
• General maintenance and bug fixing.

Jan 18, 2018

  • Performance improvements when streaming search results
  • Bug fixes
  • Hashtag percentages no longer appear alongside hashtags in the “top tags” slide out.