New Data Provider: Telegram!

 Telegram is the newest data provider added to the Echosec platform. 

 When using open source intelligence for public safety and organizational security, Telegram is a data provider that is not to be overlooked. With visualization tools like Echosec, users can identify and extract critical data including Telegram data in real time by performing keyword and username searches in both the core Echosec platform, as well as Beacon, Echosec’s dark web search tool.




April 2019


Echosec Updates:

In April, we improved our pre-built search filter system so users get more relevant information and more accurate object detection.

We also made our notification destinations more flexible to users needs. Now there are more options for how users receive their email notifications.

There have also been some slight changes in wording around how to view saved searches.


Beacon Updates:

Users will notice some slight design upgrades in Beacon, as well as minor changes in wording. 

We've also made it easier for users to apply boolean logic to their searches by adding a sample view of accepted operators, (like OR, AND, NOT). 

More exciting changes to both platforms in our May update. Stay tuned!

March 2019


Echosec Updates:

In March, we added our newest data provider, Telegram.Telegram is an instant messaging, voice, and video messaging service, often compared to Whatsapp. Read the blog post to learn more about Telegram.

Teams are now Organizations. With organizations, account owners can view all members of their organization, invite, and remove members.

Echosec users can now view their data usage as an organization or an individual user. We've built graphs and trend lines to help users visualize and manage their usage. 

We have added pre-built search filters to the platform. Now, when users set up their searches, they can choose from a variety of pre-built filters to help them monitor for specific keywords. Pre-built filters include keywords relevant to positive or negative sentiment, violent incidents, natural disasters and more. 

We improved our in-app chat service! Users can now chat with Echosec customer support in real time.

Beacon Updates:

In Beacon, we added the functionality to do an advanced networks search - allowing users to search content from specific networks such as TOR, Zeronet, Telegram, Discord, and more. 

We added a translate button so users can quickly translate post content. 

Check back in April for more updates!