Panoramio is shutting down


November 4th 2016 will be the last day the photo sharing site is available


What is was Panoramio anyways?

Panoramio was the photo sharing service originally used for Google Earth. It focused on the geolocation associated with images.
Users would upload their photos to the site and tag them to the location they were taken. Their tag line was: “Photos of the World”.
The service was useful to find imagery in a specific geographic area. This article by First Draft News gives great examples of how Panoramio was used to help verify locations.

What does this mean for Echosec?

panoramio icon

Old Panoramio place marker on Echosec

Panoramio will no longer be available as a data feed on Echosec as of November 4th 2016. This is just the latest development in the continually evolving landscape that is live data.

Echosec will remain at the forefront of live data by adding new feeds as they become useful and removing outdated sources. The latest feeds that we’ve added are Periscope and Reddit. You can learn more about that update here:

Removing Panoramio is regrettable, but Echosec users can continue to rely on Flickr as a great source of imagery for geographic regions.

What does this mean for Panoramio users?

If you’re a Panoramio user, we recommend checking out the official information and instructions put out by Google. They are available here:

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