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Misinformation and Disinformation Research

Assess the Information Environment

Today’s most persistent and far-reaching global issues are borne from conversations taking place online.

The internet is conducive to deceptive communication operations. From public health misinformation to political disinformation, and general mistrust of authority, efforts to sway public opinion are rampant.

Mainstream social networks, while often the most obvious culprit in disinformation enablement, are only one piece of the puzzle. Fringe social networks and alt-tech discussion forums are gaining traction as people seek alternative information. 

Monitoring public social data helps the intelligence community and national security teams better track and understand emerging malign influence and disinformation tactics. A variety of sources are relevant for analysis as malign influence actors scale their efforts, including:

  • Mainstream news and social media
  • Fringe news and social media where content is less regulated
  • International social media widely used in foreign information environments

"With Echosec, we know we’re getting access to the widest range of relevant fringe networks possible."

Intelligence Analyst — PUBLIC SECTOR

Disinformation Research


Monitor disinformation and malign influence campaigns, and understand pre-viral trends with:

  • Indexed data from a wide variety of online discussions, including mainstream social media, news, blogs, deep web and dark web forums
  • Direct API access to a unique range of international and alt-tech platforms for advanced machine learning and data analysis
  • Social analytics to understand trends, patterns, and spikes in your topics of interest

Get the widest range of online discussion data is at your fingertips. Pivot from mainstream social, to fringe social networks, to deep and dark web discussions in just a few clicks.


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