5 Reasons Your Event Marketing Campaign Needs Social Media

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Event Marketing 101 People love sharing their experiences. Most events, whether they’re a roaring success or a massive PR flop, are highly shareable. When launching on an event marketing campaign, leveraging social media before, during, and after the occasion should be at the forefront of your strategy. Making the most of social media will give you the best chance to … Read More

5 Industries that Are Using Twitter Monitoring Tools to Get Ahead

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“I don’t believe in social media.” It’s a phrase we hear fairly often when we’re showing our platform at events across many industries. The pervasiveness of social media in recent years has left many people disdained and disgruntled. Whether or not you ‘like’ social media, you’re living under a behemoth rock if you still don’t ‘believe’ in it. It’s so … Read More

Building BC Firemap Plus: Mapping Wildfires using Open Data

Neil JohnstonEducational, Media


Mapping Wildfires – British Columbia 2017 I’ve run head first into the internet connectivity divide; my parents, located north of Williams Lake near Soda Creek have been put under Evacuation Order – they do not have internet.  I, surrounded by connectivity, have discovered an evacuation order for their area at 8:00PM – it had been posted online at 2:09PM.  My … Read More

What is fake news? And how to spot it.

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What is Fake News? On June 1st, 1897, The New York Herald published an article claiming that famous American writer Mark Twain was “grievously ill and possibly dying.” The following day, Twain was quoted by The New York Journal as saying, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” In those days, such rumours would have been called ‘untruths,’ ‘false … Read More

Echosec tops the charts for Innovative Company in Victoria

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Echosec Systems took home the award for ‘Innovative Excellence – Software or Service’ at this year’s VIATEC awards. The sold-out event drew 800+ attendees to celebrate the achievements of Victoria’s most influential companies and entrepreneurs. VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology, and Entrepreneurship Council), started in 1989. Their mission is to serve as the one-stop hub that connects people, knowledge, and … Read More

Echosec Recognized as Finalist in 2016 VIATEC Technology Awards


Echosec is the next generation of search that connects you with billions of pictures and posts made by millions of people, which never normally make it to common search engines. Victoria, BC, Canada, May 25, 2016 — Echosec Systems Ltd., is pleased to announce they have been selected as finalists in two categories for the annual VIATEC technology awards. The … Read More

Echosec Will Be the Hottest Start-Up Attending Grow This Year


Whistler village will host the 2015 GROW conference from August 19-21 Echosec, a leading location-based search and data monitoring platform, will be attending the 2015 GROW Conference. Whistler is holding the GROW conference from August 19 – 21 in the village. The theme of this year’s GROW conference is ‘living in a connected world’. The conference website boasts that “GROW … Read More

Victoria Packs a Pint-Sized Punch as a Small But Flourishing Tech Hub – The Globe and Mail


Sean Silcoff wrote a great article about the Victoria tech scene. It starts by describing how Echosec convinced Ottawa tech pioneer Terry Matthews to invest in them: by showing him what was posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in the vicinity of his house. The article goes on to describe the Matthews family (specifically Owen) and the impact they’ve had in the … Read More

Code It Forward Hackathon

Kira KirkMedia

This past weekend (July 25/26) Lighthouse Labs hosted a different sort of hackathon. It was called Code It Forward and was nothing less than a brilliant idea. According to the Lighthouse Lab’s hackathon website the goal was to “solve tech problems for charities and non-profits. These organizations are using inadequate, out-of-date systems, and as a result, aren’t helping as many people as … Read More