Introducing: The Real News Project

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real news

“The Real News Project” is a campaign designed to get Echosec Pro into the hands of more journalists around the world, supporting them in building, breaking and verifying news stories based on real time aggregated public content.   For this project, a limited number of free licences to Echosec’s patented location based search tool have been made available. Since its … Read More

How To Build a Complete OSINT Strategy in 5 Steps

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In recent years, open source intelligence (OSINT) is has taken on a whole new meaning. Ten years ago, open source information was scarce. Finding information about companies and people was primarily done with a phone book. It’s no secret that this has changed dramatically since the dawn of the smartphone. People of all ages and demographics have become very comfortable … Read More

5 Industries that Are Using Twitter Monitoring Tools to Get Ahead

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“I don’t believe in social media.” It’s a phrase we hear fairly often when we’re showing our platform at events across many industries. The pervasiveness of social media in recent years has left many people disdained and disgruntled. Whether or not you ‘like’ social media, you’re living under a behemoth rock if you still don’t ‘believe’ in it. It’s so … Read More

What is fake news? And how to spot it.

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What is Fake News? On June 1st, 1897, The New York Herald published an article claiming that famous American writer Mark Twain was “grievously ill and possibly dying.” The following day, Twain was quoted by The New York Journal as saying, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” In those days, such rumours would have been called ‘untruths,’ ‘false … Read More

Hunting for a signal in the noise – SOCMINT capabilities and integrating the unexpected

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Anika Torruella wrote an in-depth article for Jane’s International Defence Review. The article is called “Hunting for the signal in the noise” and discusses SOCMINT (social media intelligence) and its role in modern warfare. It will be available in the September edition of the magazine but if you are a subscriber to Jane’s you can already access the full article here: … Read More