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Geopolitical Risk Assessment

Real-time social data for all-source intelligence analysts and security teams

Assess the situation with real-time, ground-truth information

Real-time insights from social media and the dark web are essential for initiatives like geopolitical risk assessment. Online publicly available information (PAI) supports geopolitical assessments by providing insights often unavailable through classified sources—like on-the-ground activity, real-time alerts, and broader trends in areas of interest.

Echosec Systems delivers these insights through an intuitive web-based Platform, enabling security and intelligence teams to understand the greater context around emerging and ongoing situations globally.

Leverage international social media and deep and dark web data to access the global conversation and get immediate information from the ground, anywhere on earth.

"With Echosec, we know we’re getting access to the widest range of relevant fringe networks possible."

Intelligence Analyst — PUBLIC SECTOR


Assessing Geopolitical Risk

How OSINT Tools Can Address Current Intelligence Challenges


Accelerate your informed response with:

  • Location-based data from mainstream and fringe social networks
  • Secure deep and dark web searching
  • 24/7 location and keyword monitoring and alerts
  • Intelligence data from a wide range of international websites and online discussions
  • Multilingual threat detection and categorization

Whether you’re invested in politically turbulent markets, or you have human assets operating in volatile locations, geopolitical risk assessments deliver a deep understanding of the potential threats and risks involved. Having a comprehensive understanding of these landscapes, and the associated risks is critical for planning your mission operations. Grab some time with us to see how Echosec Systems can help protect your assets and personnel and mitigate risk exposure.

Get direct access to a wide range of publicly available information sources to analyze geopolitical situations and trends, and understand shifting dynamics in the locations that matter to you.


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