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Social Media Monitoring

Discover key information from social media, forums and news


Get real-time information from the ground with the Echosec Systems Platform. Monitor for critical events, brand mentions, trending topics, and regions of interest with social media data from 18+ sources.

The Echosec view gathers and maps data from social media sites, blogs, news, and forums.


View a wide range of content from mainstream and fringe social networks, blogs, and forums, and apply custom filters to eliminate noise.


Monitor for threats 24/7 in real-time based on your specific keywords and locations of interest.


Examine trending topics and identify key patterns with our intuitive analytics dashboard.

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Social Media Threat Intelligence: Sources To Watch

Online public-facing content is growing exponentially. And, while most of this data is benign, some online hubs contain critical information for the safety and security of individuals and organizations.

Supply Chain Monitoring: the Value of Social Media Data in a Crisis

Every link in a global supply chain—is highly interconnected. Staying alerted to disruptions at any stage of the chain is critical to a retailer’s timely response as crises, big and small, unfold around the world.

Why Effective DRP Solutions Combine Social Media and Dark Web Data

If your organization has over 5,000 employees, it’s likely to experience one crisis per year on average. Some of the most damaging crises now involve targeted cyber attacks and data breaches.