Frequently Asked Questions

What is Echosec?

Echosec is a location-based discovery platform. Aggregating and mapping data from hundreds of sources including social media, blogs, news, and the Dark Web (beta),  Echosec shows users what’s happening anywhere in the world in real time. Image and keyword detection means users get notified when specific content is posted.

Why are companies using Echosec?

Companies use Echosec to gain operational and situational intelligence around their brand and locations. The ability to analyze the online chatter about a place or topic helps with global risk analysis, asset monitoring, VIP protection, and brand protection.

How do I get started with Echosec?

Echosec is an enterprise level software. Get in touch with our sales team to request a consultation to see if Echosec is right for your use case.

How much does Echosec cost?

Your Echosec suite is tailored to your specific needs. Subscription cost Depends on which data sources you need to access, how many users are on your team, as well as your contract duration. Contact sales to book your consultation.

Is there a user guide I can access?

Yes! The user guide for Echosec is available here:

Do you offer an API endpoint for your data?

We don’t offer a public API at this time. Please contact us directly if you require access to an API.

Can I get a free subscription of Echosec Pro?

We have a certain amount of subscriptions to Echosec Pro that are set aside for non-profit organizations and other similar use cases.
Think your organization would benefit from Echosec? So do we! Check out our outreach page for more information.

How does the technology work?

At its core, Echosec is a web application that leverages location-based data to search for social media and other open source information.

The base technology relies on a healthy mix of API requests directly to social media networks, as well as to third party information repositories.

In less than a second, our service is capable of contacting all of our data providers, aggregating and normalizing their response. The system scans for specified keywords and forwards notifications directly to our clients.

Echosec’s concern with international privacy legislation and system reliability has led to hosting our distributed data stores around the globe. This allows individuals worldwide to access information through Echosec in accordance with their local privacy laws.

Can you add <that new social media source the kids are using>?

Possibly! We are always adding new social media and open source data feeds as and when they present value to our clients. Before we can add any data source, however, we have to make sure that is both publicly available and legal for us to access it.

Can you access private posts and accounts?

No, the results of a location search on Echosec only include publicly available and geo-tagged posts.
The results of a username search on Echosec also only includes the publicly available posts from the account.

At Echosec we believe in respecting the privacy of individuals. Our full privacy policy is available here: