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Executive Protection

Protect high-risk individuals with OSINT

C-suite executives and other high-risk individuals are often targeted in both digital and physical attacks.

Online spaces often host the earliest risk indicators for security teams. Like a needle in a haystack, these indicators tend to show up on obscure online networks and difficult-to-access web spaces, which means some threats slip through the cracks.

When security threats go unnoticed,  the fallout could include anything from personal and familial harm, financial loss, and in some cases, threats to national security. 

"Echosec shows me everything from mainstream social media to the dark web. I can quickly disqualify false alarms and zero in on the real threats. Our team saves so much time with this software. "

Director, Global Security — PRIVATE SECTOR

Protecting Executives With Online Data


Detect and mitigate threats to high-risk individuals with:

  • Quick access to relevant, contextualized data from a wide range of social media and hidden networks
  • Real-time, geo-located social data for Improved situational awareness
  • Seamless pivoting between physical and digital threat detection—search for mainstream social media slander to dark web scams in just a few clicks.

Respond faster, make more informed decisions, differentiate between benign chatter and actual threats, and better protect high-risk individuals, their families, and their assets.


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