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Echosec is an industry-leading location intelligence platform. Combining social media posts with geographic data, Echosec collects real-time, user-driven information which supports industries ranging from retail, hospitality, journalism and security. Echosec users can easily filter through Reddit and Periscope data, along with 9+ other social media feeds in the locations that matter to them. Try a Reddit search with Echosec today!




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Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

Periscope is a live streaming application provided by Twitter. Periscope users can broadcast their actions or their viewpoint to anyone in the world.
Echosec users can now live-stream Periscope from within the application to get actionable intelligence from users that are directly on the ground.

When the Turkish coup happened in July 2016, the Echosec team was watching it happen in real-time by viewing Periscope users’ videos from that location. This is just one example of how geofencing can improve location intelligence and speed to information.



untitled-4-01 Reddit Search

The front page of the internet.

Reddit is a news aggregation site where users can vote up or down to promote content. Promoted content then appears more regularly for everyone else. Reddit is organized into various sub-forums on individual topics called subreddits.
Echosec has geo-coded every regional, city, or area specific subreddit and can now visualize it in the application. Users that conduct a standard Echosec search can see every regional subreddit that overlaps that particular region. Read more about Reddit HERE.




A better way of viewing content.

In the past, Echosec users were required to open pictures and video in a new window to view the larger version of the content. Now, with Lightbox, users can closely examine pictures for relevant information natively, allowing them dive deeper or move on without interrupting their workflow.




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