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Counter-terrorism Intelligence

Stay on top of the online conversation

Social networks play a huge role in spreading propaganda and recruiting.

Both mainstream social media sites and less-regulated networks support extremists in this process, the former enabling wider reach while the latter allows for more explicit communications and content.

As we saw with the 2021 Capitol Hill insurrection, violent planning and mobilization are discoverable on these more covert networks. These online spaces are critical for gathering intelligence relevant to terrorist financing and propaganda distribution.

"With Echosec, we know we’re getting access to the widest range of relevant fringe networks possible."

Intelligence Analyst — PUBLIC SECTOR

Niche Social Data for Counter-Terror Initiatives


Expand your intelligence coverage with:

  • Streamlined access to mainstream and fringe social data, deep web, and dark web, all in one Platform
  • Multilingual threat classifiers to enable smart and effective prioritization
  • 24/7 location and keyword monitoring and real-time alerts


Get the full story from the ground via public posts from every corner of the social internet.


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