Corporate Security & Investigations

Your greatest security vulnerability will always be people; your staff, clients, visitors, adoring fans and harsh critics.


  • Location-based Search
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Keywords Search
  • Multiple Fences
  • Real-time Streaming


With Echosec, you can manage and maintain a geofence around your facility or another important location – anywhere in the world. This will allow you to manage PR disasters before they happen and protect your valuable assets.

Whether you are protecting a secure facility, a popular venue, or VIPs – your security team is quickly adopting the newest intelligence gathering technology.

Social media is a pivotal resource that defines how we communicate online. Location-based social media search allows you to be hyper-specific when you start to look at open source information.

Protect your organization from intentional, or unintentional, information leaks by quickly checking what is being posted from on site.

Early morning pictures of latte’s are innocent enough. The Post-it note in the background of the photo attached to the monitor, broadcasting this month’s randomly generated password? Much less innocent.