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Security & Compliance

Echosec Systems is the integration partner of choice for organizations with the highest standard of security and compliance requirements.

Echosec Systems provides the important service of delivering online data from various providers to our end users. With that service comes responsibilities regarding personal privacy and compliance. 

We educate our users on what they can search for and how they can use different types of data. We also enforce restrictions on certain types of searches that are not permitted. 

We inform our data providers on how their data is being used, and why that usage is beneficial to both our users and theirs. We invest time in understanding our data providers' intentions and goals so we can structure our communications to adhere to those intentions. 

We understand that your company undertakes comprehensive due diligence when evaluating tools for your security stack. We are committed to taking an active approach to the evolving security needs of our current and future partners. Below are a few of the compliance measures we employ:

Audit Logging

Audit logs allow you to examine what activities have taken place on our system, which promotes accountability for your team and improves security for your organization.

SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 is a framework for the way companies manage customer data. Echosec Systems is  SOC2 certified. Read more here. 

Cloud Hosting

Echosec Systems products run on Microsoft Azure web servers located in the United States. Using Azure provides many security advantages over “self-hosted” servers, including broad physical security guarantees and access through Azure’s secure networking capabilities. For more details on Microsoft Azure’s security practices, please visit their official documentation.

Data Privacy

Echosec Systems has been a leader in data privacy since its inception. We are committed to respecting the privacy of individuals online and complying with the rules and expectations applied by data providers.

Responsible Disclosure Policy


General Privacy Policy


Acceptable Use Policy


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