The Job

We’re looking for someone who loves building products and is unapologetically dedicated to predictable roadmaps and solid releases to join us as Product Manager at Echosec.

No two days will be the same, but at a high level, you will be responsible for specifying the projects and features the team delivers and when they deliver them. You will be instrumental in ensuring that the product we deliver best meets the needs of our current and future users by collecting and prioritizing feedback from multiple stakeholders and setting project requirements to solve customer pain points.

With the development team, you’ll act as product owner; grooming the backlog, defining requirements, helping with design, and setting acceptance criteria. You’ll also work with the c-suite, reporting and resource planning to make sure we hit quarterly roadmap targets.

You’ll also work with marketing, sales, and customer success to understand business needs, plan and execute external release cycles, coordinate training on new features, and align our external messaging to our roadmap.


  • Are self starting
  • Have great interpersonal communication skills
  • Are very organized
  • Care about making sure every stakeholder is represented in a decision
  • Are comfortable getting in front of customers
  • Want to be the voice of the customer in an organization

You also preferably have some of …

  • 2+ years of experience working within a product team or development group
  • Pragmatic Marketing, PMP or similar certification is an asset
  • Experience in a Business Intelligence company or role
  • Experience in a Data Analysis company or role

About Us

We provide a new way to search, view, and share social media based on location. Our product is used around the world by public safety organizations, private security companies, journalists, and activists to find people and posts on Twitter, Reddit, Flickr, VK, Weibo, and anything else we can think of searching.

Echosec is currently being used

  • Provide early warning of cyber bullying in schools
  • Ensure protection of white rhinos in Namibia
  • Assist in crime investigation and prevention
  • Give retailers insight into what customers see and do in their stores
  • Connect journalists with people on the ground in major events

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary and stock option plan
  • Snacks!
  • Time out for relevant conferences and developer events, including support and encouragement to speak at conferences
  • An energetic working environment with a collaborative open office and access to a roof-top patio
  • Our team also understands that working from home is often the best way to get things done
  • We encourage project ownership, creating and iterating on new ideas, and making positive change in the community

How We Work
We are a small organization. We look for individuals who are highly motivated, able to manage their own schedule effectively, but still proactively support and collaborate with the rest of the team. The following are qualities we all strive to achieve (and help each other achieve) every day:

  • Self-motivating
  • Proactive in team participation
  • Respectful and supportive of our colleagues
  • Independent
  • Co-operative
  • Diligent with time management

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