The Job

We’re looking for someone who loves building data-driven products and has a passion for machine learning and data processing to join us as a Data Integration Developer to assist Echosec in building out our internal data repositories and pipelines.

You will be responsible for building and maintaining the data pipelines that power the Echosec open data search and aggregation products.

Some projects you may work on include:

  • Building a web crawler for the TOR network and indexing the data in Elasticsearch.
  • Developing an NLP based microservice to extract entities from unstructured documents.

Echosec Search is a search and alerting tool for location-based social media. We provide an easy to use interface for open data analysists, security experts, journalists to find up to date crowdsourced information about real-world events.

Beacon sheds light on the dark web by combining indexes of TOR sites, paste-bin dumps, public discord and telegram chat logs into an advanced search interface for cybersecurity professionals.

Your work will involve validating new sources of data with the product team, then building the data query, ingestion, processing, filtering and alerting systems for those data-sets. These systems could be an image classification system that flags brands logos in images from Twitter, or a natural language processing system to extract key terms in database dumps on PasteBin. Equally importantly you will be involved in developing sustainable and reliable deployment and monitoring of those systems.

The team you’ll be working with focuses on working iteratively to deliver value to customers instead of just developing features and functions.

Your responsibilities would include

  • Write maintainable, well tested code, primarily in Typescript/Javascript (NodeJS), Python and PHP (7.3).
  • Build web crawlers and scrapers for data that is not accessible by API.
  • Develop NLP based microservices to enrich data ingested into the system.
  • Develop and deploy reliable, robustly monitored distributed services.
  • Participate in timely and constructive code review.
  • Work with the technical lead and account manager to define and scope tasks.
  • Learn new skills in frameworks and cloud services by sharing blogs, and attending meetups / conferences.
  • Grow the development team’s competencies.


  • Are self starting.
  • Have great interpersonal communication skills.
  • Are comfortable working with remote team-mates.
  • You are proficient developing web servers using route driven, MVC frameworks (eg: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Play).
  • You have experience developing on scalable event-driven systems, for example: Redis pub-sub, Amazon SQS/SNS, Akka, Storm.
  • You provide constructive and helpful feedback to team members on code review and support the team in releasing high quality code on schedule.

Not required but an asset…

  • Desire to learn or develop a new system for indexing data in Elasticsearch at Echosec.
  • An understanding of Docker. We use Docker for our dev boxes and production.
  • Experience working with social media APIs.
  • A basic understanding of the dark web.


This position is available for:

  • Echosec HQ – Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Echosec UK – Cardiff, Wales
  • Remote

For Echosec UK or remote candidates, expect occasional travel to Echosec HQ

About Us

We provide a new way to search, view, and share social media based on location. Our product is used around the world by journalists, security analysts, activists, and brand managers to find people and posts on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Flickr, VK, and anything else we can think of searching.

Echosec is currently being used to

  • Provide Security for Executives and VIPs while abroad
  • Connect journalists with people on the ground in major events
  • Give retailers insight into what customers see and do in their stores
  • Ensure protection of white rhinos in Namibia

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock option plan
  • Work from home days supported
  • Flexible approach to work hours and time out for relevant conferences and professional development events
  • Opportunity for ownership of projects and features in a small, fast-moving team
  • Our team also understands that working from home is often the best way to get things done

We’d love to hear from you. You can send us your information by filling out the form on the bottom of this page. Or, if you have any questions, contact us at

This posting is for the Victoria, BC, Canada office

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