The Latest Echosec Release is here!


  We are only a few days away from rolling out the latest release of Echosec to the world. Echosec is the location-based social media discovery tool that global companies trust to find out what’s happening on the ground, in real-time. Whether it’s for marketing, customer experience, advertising, or security, Echosec goes beyond hashtags and keywords to deliver the info businesses need. So, what have … Read More

Donald Trump Becomes President


In case you haven’t heard, Donald J #Trump will officially become the 45th president of the United States this Friday (January 20, 2017). The presidential inauguration and surrounding events, which begin on Thursday, will draw an estimated 900,000 people to Washington –  a relatively low number compared to the 1.8 million who came out for Obama’s big day in 2009. … Read More

Canadian Cocaine Criminals – Tracing their footsteps


The trip of a lifetime came to an abrupt end for three Canadians when their cruise ship landed in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, Aug 28. If you haven’t already heard, two women in their twenty’s and a man in his sixty’s (whose connection with the women is unclear) were flagged by officials as “high-risk passengers,” and searched upon their arrival … Read More

Stop Trespassing and Avoid Mobs from PokemonGo

Jason Jubinville#breaking, Educational

Security, trespassing and Pokemon Go.   PokemonGo has without a doubt, captured the minds of the world. The virtual reality application has skyrocketed to chart-topping levels in both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store … and it’s only available in a handful of countries so far. But it’s not all fun and games. For those who haven’t quite … Read More

How We Found Evidence of a Russian Fighting in Ukraine

Jason Jubinville#breaking, Media

Recently, the media has been paying close attention to the Donetsk region in northeast Ukraine. We decided to look for ourselves to see if we could identify military personnel of Russian origin in the area. In a military, or global security context, the data pouring from this region can play a pivotal role in command, control, communications and coordination of operations. … Read More

Je Suis Charlie

Jason Jubinville#breaking, Media

All too familiar these days, you wake up to the news responding to another horrifying event somewhere in the world. Whether it’s the actions of the Islamic State, rising tension in North Korea, or invasion in Ukraine, modern news stories are as disturbing as they are real. Most recently, the world bore witness to a terror attack in Paris. An … Read More

6 Ways to Use Social Media Monitoring in a Crisis

Jason Jubinville#breaking, Educational, Journalism

Whether you are in security, journalism, public safety, or the military, when a crisis hits, all hands are on deck. This fact was readily apparent after the shooting near the Canadian parliament buildings in Ottawa on Wednesday.What do you do when a crisis occurs? What is your first step?  If you are like me, you either check your twitter feed, run … Read More