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Adapting to Social Media Threats: What Security Teams Need to Know

By the time you finish reading this sentence, well over 10 new users have entered the social media ‘verse. While...

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Broad Monitoring vs. Targeted Threats: Choose the Right OSINT Tools

What’s the difference between broad threat monitoring and targeted threat detection, and how can you choose tools...

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Supply Chain Monitoring: the Value of Social Media Data in a Crisis

One needs only to visit the cleaning supplies aisle of their local retailer in recent weeks to see the impacts of a...

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Social Media Threat Intelligence: Sources To Watch

Online public-facing content is growing exponentially. And, while most of this data is benign, some online hubs...

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Travel Risk Management: Protect Your Team With Social Media Intelligence

The ability to hold face-to-face meetings online has not reduced the need for corporate travel. More than ever, ...

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What Is Discord And Why Should You Care?

Discord is a voiceover IP and messaging program, particularly used by members of the popular game streaming...

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Protecting Your Brand Online: 3 Threats To Consider

Brand protection is evolving.

Protecting your brand online means protecting your revenue and your reputation, and...

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5 Ways Digital Agencies Are Using Social Media Monitoring

Social media listening tools are everywhere these days. Each one has a different set of value props ranging from ...

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Manage Your Online Brand Reputation With Social Media

Managing online brand reputation is getting more and more complicated. Consumers today have unlimited access to...

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How To Transform Your Event Security Process Using Social Media

Do you remember when people held up lighters at concerts? Those lighters have long been replaced with cell phones to...

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