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How SOC 2 Compliant Security Software Mitigates Third-Party Risk

In your quest for a threat intelligence service or software provider, prospects may claim to manage your...

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Broad Monitoring vs. Targeted Threats: Choose the Right OSINT Tools

What’s the difference between broad threat monitoring and targeted threat detection, and how can you choose tools...

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Not Just for Marketers: Influencer Data for Intelligence Analysts

Influencers are usually associated with marketing products and services. But for public sector intelligence teams,...

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How Does the Public Sector Gather Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Public sector intelligence teams are responsible for helping inform decisions for a range of national security...

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Boolean Rules Simplified: A Guide for Security & Intelligence Analysts

You’re an intelligence analyst and your team has just received an alert for a potential security breach. You need...

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5 Ways Governments Can Apply Open Source Intelligence

In the face of national security threats, governments need to stay prepared and make prompt, appropriate decisions...

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Cybersecurity to Passport Fraud: How OSINT Supports Airport Security

Open-source data—from social media to the dark web—gives airport security personnel the information they need to...

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Where Digital Meets Physical: Integrating Your Threat Intelligence Strategy

Threat intelligence. For public and private sector security professionals, the term is often synonymous with...

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Connecting the Dots | What Public Sector Analysts Need from OSINT Software

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is often described as a digital breadcrumb—a trail of clues left across the...

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Threat Intelligence Tools and the Importance of Usability

For the average software application, an intuitive UX usually means fewer headaches for the end-user. But when it...

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