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Threat Intelligence Tools and the Importance of Usability

Echosec Systems January 19, 2021 Open Source Threat Intelligence, National Defense
For the average software application, an intuitive UX usually means fewer headaches for the end-user. But when it comes to software for defense teams, usability can make the difference between secured assets and loss of data, infrastructure, and human life. Read More

What is Parler and Why Should Intelligence Teams Care?

Updated January 12, 2021: On January 9, 2021, Parler was dropped by Google, Amazon, and Apple. As a result, Parler is no longer a viable real-time data source within the Echosec Systems Platform. However, the following information is still valuable to those interested in the impact of alt-tech platforms and their value for threat intelligence professionals. As the 2020 US.. Read More

Online Extremism and the Evolution of Jihadists

On November 2, 2020, a 20-year-old Austrian national posted some concerning images on Instagram.  In one, the user posed with an AK-style rifle and a machete. Another used bullets to spell out “baqiya,” a reference to the Islamic State’s Read More

[Security Magazine] Artificial intelligence and national security: Integrating online data

Echosec Systems October 23, 2020 Digital Investigation, machine learning, National Defense
Echosec Systems recently had an article published in Security Magazine: Artificial intelligence and national security: Integrating online data Read More

A Wave of Jihadist Propaganda Enabled by Decentralized Social Networks

Echosec Systems October 01, 2020 Social Media Monitoring, National Defense
In early September 2020, the BBC reported on the “caliphate cache,” a growing online library of over 90,000 Islamic State propaganda files discovered by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue. Read More

5 Reasons Online Radicalization Is a Growing National Security Risk

Echosec Systems August 25, 2020 Emergency Response, Event Monitoring, National Defense
Until fairly recently, the terms “radicalization” and “extremism” were often conflated with religious terrorism. Government and defense have funnelled significant resources into removing Read More

The Value of Reddit as a Threat Intelligence Feed

Echosec Systems July 30, 2020 Social Media Monitoring, National Defense
For years, the popular social media platform Reddit has played a cat-and-mouse game with removing its controversial subreddits—and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Read More

Online Radicalization: Informing De-Escalation Strategies

Extremism is now one of the most imminent public safety threats in the United States. So far in 2020, over 90% of terrorist attacks and plots have originated under the umbrella of right-wing extremism, in particular. Read More

What is the Boogaloo? Why Fringe Networks are Critical for Addressing Domestic Terrorism

In June 2020, an Air Force sergeant was charged with two counts of murder targeting law enforcement personnel in Oakland and Santa Cruz, California. The killer left behind a tactical vest, igloo patch, and “boog” scrawled in blood on his vehicle—all clear links to the extremist Boogaloo movement. Read More

How Echosec Systems Supports Your Intelligence Cycle

Echosec Systems June 30, 2020 OSINT, machine learning, National Defense
The foundation of any intelligence-driven mission is built on the intelligence cycle—a six-step process used by government and defense entities to turn raw information into actionable intelligence. Read More
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