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Adapting to Social Media Threats: What Security Teams Need to Know

By the time you finish reading this sentence, well over 10 new users have entered the social media ‘verse. While...

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Not Just for Marketers: Influencer Data for Intelligence Analysts

Influencers are usually associated with marketing products and services. But for public sector intelligence teams,...

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Boost Your API Coverage: Diversifying Threat Intelligence Feeds

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are becoming an integral part of any organization’s investment in digital...

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Sinking the Internet Iceberg: Why We Need to Redefine the Web

It’s a metaphor the threat intelligence and corporate security world has long been familiar with: the internet...

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Why Effective DRP Solutions Combine Social Media and Dark Web Data

If your organization has over 5,000 employees, it’s likely to experience one crisis per year on average.

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How Echosec Systems Supports Your Intelligence Cycle

The foundation of any intelligence-driven mission is built on the intelligence cycle—a six-step process used by...

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How Is Machine Learning Used in Cybersecurity?

Machine learning has a wide range of applications across many industries—and cybersecurity is no exception. In fact,...

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5 Situations Where OSINT Tools are Critical for Retail Security

The term open-source intelligence (OSINT) has been used for decades, usually in the context of defence and...

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Financial Fraud: 7 Critical Dark Web Threats and How to Find Them Fast

Financial fraud has existed as long as financial institutions. The online world is rapidly changing how age-old...

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Gift Card Fraud: A Guide for Retail Security Teams

Gift cards were the second most popular items purchased by Americans over the holidays last year according to the ...

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