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How Smart Marketers Use Geofencing In Their Campaigns

Echosec Systems September 28, 2017 Brand Protection, Geofencing
The Growth of Mar-Tech “Mar-tech” is one of the most popular new terms in the industry right now. There are tons of subcategories within the sphere of mar-tech, including ad technology, CRM platforms, cloud-based solutions, and, yes, geofencing. Read More

Improve Guest Experience And Retention In A Competitive Market

Echosec Systems August 11, 2017 Brand Protection
We expect hospitality businesses to know about, and react to the special milestones in our lives. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or retirement, the ideal guest experience is highly personal. Read More

How Social Media Intelligence Can Save Your Public Relations Pitfalls

Echosec Systems July 04, 2017 OSINT, Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring
The Public Relations industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites are now where everyone receives their news and information. Read More

Sentiment Analysis And Your Brand Reputation

Echosec Systems May 03, 2017 Brand Protection
 Human emotion is complex. It’s one of the seemingly few things that computers haven’t quite figured out how to navigate yet. So when we see a social media platform offering sentiment analysis as a feature, what does that really mean? Read More

What Is Hacking? How Does It Work?

Echosec Systems April 13, 2016 Cyber Security, Brand Protection
It’s safe to assume that, in the internet era, all organizations and services will be targeted by malicious hackers sooner or later. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Read More

Workplace Security: 4 Things Your Employees Should Stop Doing On Social Media

Echosec Systems January 25, 2016 Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring, Corporate Security
You Are What You Tweet...   Businesses are built and lost on reputation. Workplace security has always been a concern, but these days more than ever, social media plays a pivotal role in bolstering or damaging the reputation of your company. Read More

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft In A Highly Social World

Echosec Systems September 22, 2015 Executive Protection, Brand Protection
Updated: Jan 22, 2020 Do you remember the infamous Ashley Madison hack? In July 2015, countless families were broken apart by a data breach targeted at the extra-marital-affair-enabling website. The hack exposed over 25 GB of site data Read More

Brand Protection: Staying On Top Of The Social Media Conversation

Echosec Systems August 25, 2015 Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring
Having a strong social media presence as a business can be extremely beneficial. HubSpot previously published a statistic from the State of Inbound Marketing claiming that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Read More

5 Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property On Social Media

  Our thanks to Stephanie Meadows for letting us re-post her article on 5 ways to protect your intellectual property on Social Media. It was originally published on LinkedIn Read More

Essential Tools For Online Safety And Security: Part 3

Echosec Systems April 09, 2015 Cyber Security, Brand Protection, Privacy
Crash course in online security round THREE If you haven’t had the opportunity to read part one & two, you can find them right here & here. Read More
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