CRISIS AVERTED—Protecting Your Enterprise

How software usability, speed to information, and breadth of data helps address key challenges faced by corporate security teams. Watch the 3-part video series.


5 Reasons Why Security Convergence Is Critical in 2021

Echosec Systems May 11, 2021 Asset Management, Cyber Security, Corporate Security
In February 2021, a water treatment plant worker in Oldsmar, Florida noticed some rogue mouse clicks on his monitor, watching as it raised sodium hydroxide levels 100x. Read More

Broad Monitoring vs. Targeted Threats: Choose the Right OSINT Tools

Echosec Systems April 27, 2021 Asset Management, OSINT, Social Media Monitoring
What’s the difference between broad threat monitoring and targeted threat detection, and how can you choose tools that best support your use case? Read More

Security Technology: Improving Risk Assessments for Service Providers

Echosec Systems April 22, 2021 Asset Management, Event Monitoring, Corporate Security
As security strategies become more complex and digitized, it makes sense for large organizations to hire a third party to overcome expertise gaps and resource constraints. Security service providers are an attractive option to replace or complement in-house teams. Read More

Why Effective DRP Solutions Combine Social Media and Dark Web Data

Echosec Systems September 01, 2020 Asset Management, Cyber Security, Brand Protection, Corporate Security
If your organization has over 5,000 employees, it’s likely to experience one crisis per year on average. Read More

Feature Release: Digital Asset Security

Echosec Systems August 11, 2020 Asset Management, Information Security, machine learning
Letter From Echosec Systems' CTO, Michael Raypold: In 2014, Echosec Systems set out to make the world’s geo-based social media data available in an easy-to-use search engine. We soon extended this tool, Echosec, to include dark web data and data breaches in our threat intelligence focused add-on, Beacon. Read More

What Is Tor And The Deep Web?

Echosec Systems November 01, 2019 Asset Management, Cyber Security, OSINT, Brand Protection
*Originally posted Jan 5, 2016. Updated for accuracy Nov 1, 2019  The Deep Web is Where All the Criminals Hang Out, Right? Well, yes and no. To really understand what the deep web is, it helps to talk about what the Internet actually is. Read More

Protecting Assets And The Importance Of Geofencing Technology

Echosec Systems February 22, 2018 Asset Management, OSINT, Geofencing
High Ticket Events Come With High Risks High profile events and high-value assets go hand and hand. Whether it’s a red carpet gala, an award ceremony, or a sporting event, big brands spend a lot of money making these events happen. At high-profile events, assets like vehicles & luxury jewelry are often borrowed from brands in exchange for the publicity they get from the.. Read More

8 Industries That Are using Social Discovery Tools To Get Ahead

Echosec Systems November 17, 2017 Asset Management, OSINT, Brand Protection
Updated: Jan 22, 2020 Read More

Geo-Social Trends To Watch In Finance

Echosec Systems September 23, 2015 Asset Management
If your dollars depend on instant information, you need your fingers on the global pulse. By: Karl Swannie (@KarlSwannie) and David Morgan (@Where_IsDave) The best way to monitor and engage the pulse of financial trends is through crowd-sourced information. Billions of posts are made daily to social media that offer real-time data on world activities. Amazingly, this.. Read More

5 Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property On Social Media

  Our thanks to Stephanie Meadows for letting us re-post her article on 5 ways to protect your intellectual property on Social Media. It was originally published on LinkedIn Read More