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Searching Geotagged Photos Isn't Just For Consumers Anymore

Karl Swannie November 1, 2017 Asset Management, OSINT, Brand Protection, Geofencing

We’re all on social media in our personal lives. Whether it’s tagging you and your friends on a big hiking trip, using a geo sticker at a concert in the city, or updating your Facebook with every new location on your summer vacation, geolocation has become a huge part of social media.  New call-to-action

A geotagged photo or post is a social media post in which a user attaches a physical location to their post. It allows users to give deeper insight to their followers about what they’re doing or where they are. Geotagged posts are the basis for the functionality of the Echosec platform.

Search Geotagged Photos

However, searching geotagged photos isn’t just for its users. Tech-savvy teams across many industries are also using social media to search geotagged posts to improve the way they do business.


Social media is a fantastic tool for marketers. There are now over 3 billion social media users in the world, and the number is only going up.. Google and Facebook make billions of dollars on digital ads every year. If your business isn’t on Facebook, does it even exist? We’re not sure. Geotagged social media monitoring is just the next step in the evolution of social media as a marketing tool. Here’s how:

Customer engagement: Engage with your customers while they’re at your business, at a competitor's business, or at home on their couch. By looking through their geotagged photos, you’ll know where they are and how you should respond. More on increasing customer engagement here.

Getting an edge on the competition: Competition in business isn’t forgiving. If you have the chance to get an edge, you should take it without a second thought. Read how marketers use geolocation to beat their competition here.

Disaster avoidance: Social media is a PR specialists best friend. A well-executed social media plan in response to a disaster can make or break a business. That’s why searching geotagged photos is essential in a public relations situation.


Forward-thinking people working in the security industry have been using social media to their advantage for years now. What’s new about social media in security isn’t the use of it. Rather, it’s the application of it, and that’s where searching geotagged photos comes in. Rather than monitoring social media channels the traditional way, by looking at pages of interest to see what people are up to, searching geotagged photos allows a security professional to look at an area of their choosing to see what’s happening on the ground. Here are three more practical applications in the security industry:

Event security: If you’re tasked with maintaining security around a huge event like a concert, speaking engagement, or a 

Searching Geotagged Photos For Security

sports game,  consider geolocation in your process. Set up a “geofence” around the location of your choice and see exactly what’s going on so you can deploy your team and react fast.

Corporate security: Need to get a high-profile person from point A to point B safely? Search geotagged photos and posts around the planned route to see what’s happening in that area in real time. Here’s an example of how an Echosec user might do this.

Emergency Response: Anyone can use location-based social media search to their advantage. If there is an incident, it’s vital to know what’s going on on the ground so you can react appropriately.


Journalists have been using social media to get a pulse on events and topics for years. Again, the difference is the ability to search geotagged posts for that extra level of intelligence from the ground. Monitor an event from anywhere in the world to see what people on the ground are saying. The faster you are to get a story up and running, the better chance it has to go viral. There’s an added benefit of finding sources fast. Establish a geofence, see who’s talking about an event, and be the first to get to them for a comment.

Echosec Social Media Geotagging

The use of social media has been present in all of these industries for some time now. As social media evolves, so do they ways these industries use it. Consumers have become more savvy, and technology has improved. At Echosec we believe the ability to search geotagged photos is the next wave of technology that is going to change the way business uses social media.

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