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Brand Protection: Staying On Top Of The Social Media Conversation

Having a strong social media presence as a business can be extremely beneficial. HubSpot previously published a statistic from the State of Inbound Marketing claiming that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This is a huge advantage to businesses that have already adopted several social media platforms to drive outbound content. But for all that social media helps us to gain, there is an undeniable risk factor that comes along with this method of self-promotion.

A single post can throw a business’ public persona into a negative tailspin

In a matter of 140 characters business’ can have their public relations team working in overtime to put out viral fires on the Internet. As an example in 2011 when someone at Chrysler sent out this tweet to 75,000 of its followers – “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive,” the company had to act quickly to issue a public apology and remove the negative message. Similarly last year, US Airways also had their time in the twitter spotlight when a lewd photograph involving a woman and a model airplane was published on their account. The rate at which a single post can throw a business’ public persona into a negative tailspin is faster than a speeding ticket. So how can companies proactively stay on top of what’s being said about their brand coming from the public as well as their own employees?

Social Media Monitoring

Managing what’s being published online about your business can be both a time and labor intensive job. Fortunately for as long as social media platforms have been around, people have been developing products around monitoring what is being posted on the web. Now known as Social Media Monitoring, there are a plethora of companies that have developed search engines to scan the internet. They use filters or location tags which consolidate photos, videos, tweets and status updates so that internal PR teams can manage the information more effectively.

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Recently I used Mention to find out where one of our affiliated companies feature films was being illegally uploaded. In a matter of seconds this tool was able to filter through the web (using the film’s title) and find several websites where the film was being pirated. As a business owner if your main concern is protecting intellectual property from being leaked within your company’s’ walls, a more geo-specific tool such as Echosec, can allow business’ to draw a perimeter around their location and monitor up to the minute posts that are being shared on employees public social media accounts. Finally, if monitoring the conversations past Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is more important to your business, Talkwalker provides detailed reports on what’s being said on blogs, forum, and news reports among other media sources.

Staying on top of the conversation can and will be a must for business’ as the world adopts more and more platforms for sharing unfiltered information. Whether it’s reacting to time sensitive PR emergencies, discovering pirated IP or keeping tabs on the general conversation about a recent product release, there are many social media monitoring tools built specifically to help business’ manage what’s being said about them on a global scale.


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