5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property on Social Media

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Our thanks to Stephanie Meadows for letting us re-post her article on 5 ways to protect your intellectual property on Social Media. It was originally published on LinkedIn and can be accessed here. In a time when keeping your intellectual property private has become increasingly more difficult, how do companies manage the kind of content that their employees are sharing … Read More

Online Methods To Investigate The Who, Where and When of a Person


For this blog post, we’re thrilled to reprint (with permission) Ch. 2 of the Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting by Henk Van Ess, a trainer of media professionals. The manual is comprised of 10 chapters that are a guide to online search and research techniques to using user-generated content (UGC) and open source information in investigations. It is available as a free download. … Read More

Echosec Aids Wildlife Health Intelligence


April 27, 2015 – VICTORIA, British Columbia — Echosec, is pleased to announce its contribution to the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC). The CWHC is dedicated to generating knowledge needed to assess and manage wildlife health and working with others to ensure that knowledge gets put to use in a timely fashion. Echosec’s contribution assists the CWHC with their research … Read More

8 Essential Tools For Online Safety & Security – Part 3

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Crash course in online security round THREE If you haven’t had the opportunity to read part one & two, you can find them right here & here. They discuss the first four of our top eight security need-to-knows. This third segment rounds out our list by discussing a few other best practices. And in case it all goes to hell, we’ve got you covered in the … Read More

Social Monitoring – Are You Missing Millions of Posts?


Echosec social media search has added 2 new sources with 780 million more results. With the addition of two international feeds Echosec has global coverage and unprecedented local detail. More at: echosec.net March 31, 2015 – VICTORIA, British Columbia — Echosec, a leading social media monitoring solution, is pleased to announce the addition of its latest media feeds. These feeds … Read More

8 Essential Tools For Online Safety & Security – Part 2

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Crash course in online security round TWO   If you haven’t had the opportunity to read part one, you can find it right here. It discusses the first three of our top eight security need-to-knows. This second segment focuses on passwords. How to create them and how many you really need. And in case it all goes to hell, we’ve got … Read More

Software Startup Awarded Civic Service Award From Victoria City Police


The Victoria Police Department Civic Service Award was created to recognize Victoria and Esquimalt officers and citizens who step up – go above and beyond – to help make Victoria and Esquimalt a safer community. The Echosec team was nominated from within the Victoria Police Department after our software enabled the Victoria Police to help save a life. “This is … Read More

8 Essential Tools For Online Safety & Security

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Which of these three links is malware? Link1 Link2 Link3 None actually. But how do you know before it’s too late? We want to show you how. Our goal with the security minded section of our blog is to give you a quick-and-dirty rundown on all the things that you could be doing to improve your online safety. Starting with the … Read More

Echosec Continues Making International Waves With Systematic Research


Echosec has been making waves in the news recently. Several different international, well-respected news organizations have taken an interest in the Echosec research piece detailing evidence found of Russians fighting in Ukraine. The Echosec social media search platform enables analysts and researchers to systematically investigate different regions of the world. This data then can be used to draw patterns and develop … Read More

How We Found Evidence of a Russian Fighting in Ukraine

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Recently, the media has been paying close attention to the Donetsk region in northeast Ukraine. We decided to look for ourselves to see if we could identify military personnel of Russian origin in the area. In a military, or global security context, the data pouring from this region can play a pivotal role in command, control, communications and coordination of operations. … Read More