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Maintain Brand Reputation During Black Friday With Social Monitoring

Black Friday has become one of the most dangerous days of the year in our consumption-crazed modern world.

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Increase Customer Engagement Using Location-Based Social Media Monitoring

Sifting through the ever-growing sea of apps, websites, and other technologies designed to improve your business can...

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How Smart Marketers Use Geofencing In Their Campaigns

The Growth of Mar-Tech

“Mar-tech” is one of the most popular new terms in the industry right now. There are tons of...

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What Is VK and Why Should You Care?

VKontakte (VK) is the 9th most visited website in the world, so why haven’t you heard of it? [Tweet this]

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Improve Guest Experience And Retention In A Competitive Market

We expect hospitality businesses to know about, and react to the special milestones in our lives. Whether it’s a...

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Building The BC Firemap Using Open Source Data

Mapping Wildfires - British Columbia 2017

I’ve run head first into the internet connectivity divide; my parents,...

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How Social Media Intelligence Can Save Your Public Relations Pitfalls

The Public Relations industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other...

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What Is Fake News? How To Spot It?

What is Fake News?

On June 1st, 1897, The New York Herald published an article claiming that famous American writer...

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4 Ways A Social Media Map Can Help In A Disaster

A Real-Time Social Media Map

When disasters occur, speed of information is key. A real-time social media map is one...

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Sentiment Analysis And Your Brand Reputation

 Human emotion is complex. It’s one of the seemingly few things that computers haven’t quite figured out how to...

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