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What Is Reddit And Why Should You Care?

Paula Hingley March 03, 2017 General, OSINT, Social Media Monitoring
The brainchild of a couple of college roommates, Reddit is the 7th most visited website in the US and 22nd in the world. A whopping 500 million people log in each month. Read More

What Is Flickr And Why Should You Care?

Paula Hingley January 11, 2017 General, OSINT, Social Media Monitoring
What is Flickr? Yahoo’s photo curating platform, after over a decade in operation, remains to be a favourite in the photographic community. (DMR Stats says) Flickr’s current user base sits around 122 million people in 63 countries. Read More


The Echosec Team November 14, 2016 Brand Protection, Geofencing
"Where are you right now?" "Where are your friends?" "Is that Bourbon sour any good?" "Where should we go for breakfast?" Foursquare was designed to answer all of these questions. Read More

10 Things We Know: Social Media Privacy

The Echosec Team October 05, 2016 General, OSINT, Privacy, Social Media Monitoring
  The internet is continuously enhancing our ability to connect people and objects around the world. We can better understand these connections by visualizing them in different ways. One way of doing this is to organize these connections by location. Read More

Hunting For A Signal In The Noise: SOCMINT Capabilities And Integrating The Unexpected

The Echosec Team September 22, 2016 OSINT
Anika Torruella wrote an in-depth article for Jane's International Defence Review. The article is called "Hunting for the signal in the noise" and discusses SOCMINT (social media intelligence) and its role in modern warfare. It will be available in the September edition of the magazine but if you are a subscriber to Jane's you can already access the full article.. Read More

Public WIFI Security: What Are You Sharing?

The Echosec Team June 14, 2016 Cyber Security
An interesting read from Maurits Martijn exploring public WiFi security reveals just how easy it is for a skilled hacker to exploit you and ruin your life if they so choose. Read More

5 Tools To Improve Smartphone Security

The Echosec Team May 25, 2016 Cyber Security, General, Privacy
Since the dawn of the smartphone, it seems as if digital communication has become more common than face-to-face interactions. It is not uncommon for one person to have two computers, a tablet, and a smartphone. Read More

What Is Hacking? How Does It Work?

Jason Jubinville April 13, 2016 Cyber Security, Brand Protection
Hacking Happens In the era of "Internet everything," it is safe to assume that all organizations and services are going to be the target of malicious individuals at one time or another. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Read More

Eyewitness Accounts And Breaking News: Perception Is Everything

The Echosec Team March 02, 2016 Emergency Response, Journalism, OSINT
Our perceptions are as unique as our fingerprints. Journalists know first-hand that eyewitness accounts are not objective. When news breaks, each eyewitness will have a different view of what they’ve seen or experienced. Read More

Workplace Security: 4 Things Your Employees Should Stop Doing On Social Media

The Echosec Team January 25, 2016 Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring, Corporate Security
You Are What You Tweet...   Businesses are built and lost on reputation. Workplace security has always been a concern, but these days more than ever, social media plays a pivotal role in bolstering or damaging the reputation of your company. Read More
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