The Top 4 Ways a Social Media Map Can Help in a Disaster

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A Real-Time Social Media Map When disasters occur, we all want to help. A real-time social media map is one of the fastest ways to get emergency responders where they need to be. Since Echosec is a leader in location-based social media search and discovery, we thought we would share some actions our clients take in a disaster response scenario … Read More

Sentiment Analysis and Your Reputable Brand

Paula HingleyBrand Reputation, Educational, Marketing

 Human emotion is complex. It’s one of the seemingly few things that computers haven’t quite figured out how to navigate yet. So when we see a social media platform offering sentiment analysis as a feature, what does that really mean? Here at Echosec, we help organizations find and filter billions of social media posts every day. When we geofence a location … Read More

What Is Reddit? And Why Should You Care?

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Reddit is one of the newest data sources found on Echosec. The brainchild of a couple of college roommates, Reddit is the 7th most visited website in the US and 22nd in the world. A whopping 500 million people log in each month. Users of the site (known as “Redditors”) appreciate the democratic nature of the site. Instead of organizing … Read More

What is Flickr? Why is it Cool?

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What is Flickr? Yahoo’s photo curating platform, after over a decade in operation, remains to be a favourite in the photographic community. (DMR Stats says) Flickr’s current user base sits around 122 million people in 63 countries. What is Flickr Good At? Enthusiasts of the popular site appreciate the ability to retain the original resolution of their photos, in contrast … Read More

Airbnb Top Ten – The Social Media Perspective

Paula HingleyMarketing

or… Air B & Beyond!   Everybody (well, almost everybody) does a bit of research about their travel destinations ahead of their holidays. The tried and true method of scouring websites & books is a great way to learn about a location, but what about discovering the area around your desired temporary abode using real-time, live social data? With location-based … Read More

What is Foursquare? Hyper-local Business Intelligence

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Where are you right now? Where are your friends? Is that Bourbon sour any good? Where should we go for breakfast? Foursquare was designed to answer all of these questions. What is Foursquare? Created in 2009, Foursquare (according to their website) “is a technology company that uses location intelligence to build meaningful consumer experiences and business solutions.” From a user’s … Read More

Ten Things We Know – Social Media Privacy

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Principles for using live data, to build a better future.   The internet is continuously enhancing our ability to connect people and objects around the world. We can better understand these connections by visualizing them in different ways. One way of doing this is to organize these connections by location. This enables us to better leverage this big data. Social … Read More

Hunting for a signal in the noise – SOCMINT capabilities and integrating the unexpected

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Anika Torruella wrote an in-depth article for Jane’s International Defence Review. The article is called “Hunting for the signal in the noise” and discusses SOCMINT (social media intelligence) and its role in modern warfare. It will be available in the September edition of the magazine but if you are a subscriber to Jane’s you can already access the full article here: … Read More

Reddit Search and Periscope Videos by Location with Echosec

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Echosec is an industry-leading location intelligence platform. Combining social media posts with geographic data, Echosec collects real-time, user-driven information which supports industries ranging from retail, hospitality, journalism and security. Echosec users can easily filter through Reddit and Periscope data, along with 9+ other social media feeds in the locations that matter to them. Try a Reddit search with Echosec today! … Read More

Stop Trespassing and Avoid Mobs from Pokemon Go

Jason Jubinville#breaking, Educational

Security, trespassing and Pokemon GO.   Pokemon GO has without a doubt, captured the minds of the world. The virtual reality application has skyrocketed to chart-topping levels in both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store … and it’s only available in a handful of countries so far. But it’s not all fun and games. For those who haven’t … Read More