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Wednesday, April 15th, 10am PDT

Learn more about the types of threats facing retail organizations and how data discovery is essential for effective crisis response.


What is Pastebin and Why Do Hackers Love It?

Alex Ciarniello September 24, 2019
Pastebin is a website that allows users to share plain text through public posts called “pastes.” The site currently has 17 million unique monthly users. Why is it so popular, and where did it come from? Read More

Why Cyber Investigations Are The New Focus For Law Enforcement

Alex Ciarniello September 05, 2019 Cyber Security
In 2016, GCN conducted a cybersecurity survey across local governments in the United States. More troubling than the rate of cyberattacks it found being committed was the fact that many local jurisdictions were unaware that they were being targeted, or did not keep track of cyberattacks at all.  Read More

10 Ways Cybercriminals Put Your Data Security At Risk

Alex Ciarniello August 28, 2019 Privacy
According to IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty, cybercrime is the “greatest threat to every company in the world.” Data security is a top priority for organizations avoiding business disruption, reputation damage, and data and financial loss. In fact, the average total cost of a data breach was recently estimated at USD $3.92 million. Read More

What Was 8chan And Why Should You Care About 8kun?

Alex Ciarniello August 22, 2019 Open Source Threat Intelligence
Note: This blog has been updated since it was originally published in August 2019 to include information about 8kun, 8chan's successor site. Read More

Darknet Market Shutdowns And The Future Of Threat Intelligence

Karl Swannie August 14, 2019 Dark Web
Dream Market, Wall Street, AlphaBay; the list of recently dismantled darknet marketplaces goes on. But as history has shown, the darknet is a cat-and-mouse game. Silk Road, the largest marketplace of its time, was first launched in 2011 and survived for two years before an FBI-led shutdown—but its users quickly found a new home to set up shop. Read More

Social Media Threat Intelligence: Sources To Watch

Online public-facing content is growing exponentially. And, while most of this data is benign, some online hubs contain critical information for the safety and security of individuals and organizations. In order to develop an effective intelligence strategy, analysts and security teams must be pulling information from this vast quantity of data. The question is, which.. Read More

Travel Risk Management: Protect Your Team With Social Media Intelligence

The ability to hold face-to-face meetings online has not reduced the need for corporate travel. More than ever, organizations are sending their personnel on business trips internationally. Travel risk management is a growing industry that proactively mitigates security threats for business travellers. Read More

What Is Raddle.me And Why Should Retailers Care?

The Echosec Team July 09, 2019 OSINT, Retail Security
There are only two sides when it comes to shoplifting: the perpetrators who conduct the heist and the retailer whose goods are stolen. Read More

Intelligence-Led Security And The Modern Tech Stack

The Echosec Team June 11, 2019 OSINT, Open Source Threat Intelligence
Three years ago, an eternity in the information security space, two chief information security officers spoke on a topic at RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco that has kept many a CISO awake at night: how best to build an integrated corporate security technology stack. Read More

5 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs An OSINT Team

The Echosec Team May 31, 2019 OSINT
  The number of businesses in the world is rising, and with that rise comes an increasing threat level. Countless new technologies create new areas of vulnerability for both cyber and information-based businesses, as well as brick and mortars. More often than not, businesses straddle both realms with the rise of e-commerce and electronic banking solutions. Read More
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