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How Executive Protection Services Are Changing

Executive protection is a set of security measures intended to mitigate risk for people whose reputations, wealth, or positions require heightened personal security. When employees, spokespeople, and stakeholders are at an elevated personal risk, it is the role of the organization they represent to assess and manage that risk accordingly.

How to use Echosec Systems for Executive Protection   <>   Executive protection services can range from a single physical security professional to an entire suite of high-tech risk assessment tools. 


In any business, your people are your most valuable assets, and the measures needed to protect them both on and offline are changing.


Cyber Risks are Ever-Increasing

In the past, executive protection (EP) services mostly consisted of muscle, quick hands, and sharp eyes between the client and a threat. These days the strategies needed can be likened more to a game of chess than a game of rugby. Not only are executive protection services becoming more intelligence-driven, but also more internet-based.

As executives’ digital footprints increase online, so do the risks. As more and more risks are borne from the online world, a growing number of aspects of executive protection are being handled from behind a computer screen. The barrier between an individual’s professional and personal persona is blurred by corporate participation in online photo sharing and blogging. This leads to increased avenues for cyberstalking: delusions of grandeur and obsession from followers, and spear-phishing from cybercriminals.


Executives and high-profile individuals, like the rest of us, now carry a tremendous amount of high-value information about themselves and the organizations they represent in the palms of their hands.

Building Smart Threat Intelligence

Traditional internet search engines like Google provide access to a wealth of potentially useful information and deliver alerts for threat intelligence. However, Google accesses only surface web data, so the results are limited.

Social media networks also supply data that is indispensable for threat intelligence, however searching these networks one by one is time-consuming. Today’s EP teams need to aggregate data in real-time from as many sources as possible to stay on top of critical threats.

No one platform offers a complete solution. The new executive protection strategy must involve monitoring multiple platforms and hundreds of aggregated sources simultaneously.

When Locations are Concerned

When your executive is attending an event and there are security concerns about the route or facility, a location-based discovery tool is an indispensable resource. Located-based platforms like Echosec provide the ability to draw a geofence around a modified route. Using Echosec’s geofencing capability, your executive protection services team can map out the event’s route days in advance and establish a running search to monitor the route for potential trouble. 24/7 monitoring allows the team to attend to multiple other tasks feeling secure that the system will trigger a notification if anything concerning is posted online around the route or event.

Reducing Blind Spots for Security Services

Location-based tools like Echosec provide executive protection services teams with real-time actionable intelligence and around-the-clock monitoring, enhancing their ability to detect and monitor potential threats to their clients and assets to a much greater extent than ever before. The range and scope of its search capabilities combine raw data from multiple sources with geographic data to ensure that the content is relevant to a specific geographical location or route. 

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