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The Echosec Team November 29, 2017 Event Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring

Can you remember a time when people used to hold up lighters at concerts? Now all you see is cell phones in the air to catch the big moment and live stream to social media. Others spend half the time tweeting about the #keynote speaker they’re in the presence of, rather than watching what's happening in front of them.

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It’s safe to say social media is everywhere nowadays. Wouldn’t it be great if you, as an event security professional could utilize this valuable data by making it work for you? Well, I have good news - you can! The next generation of social media tools are a key part of the event security workflow. Here are just some of the ways security professionals are using social media geofencing today.


The Importance of a Virtual Geofence

An integral step in setting up event security is establishing a perimeter. It is becoming increasingly important that you establish boundaries both on the ground as well as online. Geofencing allows you to create a virtual perimeter utilizing the geolocation in event goers’ phones. Once established, you gain the ability to monitor specific keywords, events, and images that may trigger an alert. This creates an on-location, real-time data feed and provides insights into what is happening in the crowd.

Geofencing allows you to evaluate potential issues in an exact location. If a keyword or image triggers an alert within the boundary of your event, it will appear on your dashboard and you can quickly and efficiently assess the situation and allocate whatever resources are necessary. Geofencing streamlines the process of  finding where the post came from, so your team can react and respond.

Event Security Professionals Need to Adapt and React

Great agents are trained to be alert and analyze situations as they unravel to react and adapt accordingly. A key part of any security strategy is allocating resources to ensure you have enough eyes on the ground. The more tools at your disposal, the greater opportunity you have of spotting a potential threat. With the use of social media alerting tools, you can have one skilled agent analyzing the situation through the eyes of the many.

Event security is an ever-evolving task that requires a considerable amount of observation and analysis in small amounts of time. Effectively using every tool in your belt can make the difference between a high or low-risk scenario. Social media is an essential asset that gives important insight to those who are attending events and wandering crowds. By assigning a single analyst to monitor and track relevant keywords and crowd activity, you attain the ability to react, adapt, and control potential risk situations.


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