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Corporate Security: 10 Things Echosec Systems Can Do For Your Business

More organizations are investing in services and software that aid in finding and analyzing online threat data relevant to their vertical. These programs alert security teams to vulnerabilities so they can mitigate or avoid online threats—such as breaches—and their staggering costs.

The threat intelligence market is poised for rapid growth in the coming years—expected to more than double between 2018-23 from USD $5.3 billion to USD $12.9 billion.

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If you consider the increased risk that breaches and other cyber threats pose to organizations, this expansion shouldn’t come as a surprise. Almost a third of the vulnerabilities documented by IBM’s threat research teams over the last 30 years were discovered in the last three years alone. Digital vulnerabilities are only expected to rise as organizations broaden their digital footprints, and technologies, like IoT, are widely adopted. open office desks and people workingRapid market growth means a variety of threat intelligence tools and services are now available—but how do you decide what solution suits your needs? This article explores 10 things the Echosec Systems Platform can do for your organization.

The Echosec Systems Platform

2 platforms MacBooks (1)The Echosec Systems Platform is an information discovery and monitoring solution that gathers public content from over 17 social media, blog, news, and forum providers. Users can quickly aggregate, filter, monitor, map, and analyze posts for potential threats, and get alerts 24/7 as target content is published.

The Platform also indexes and filters content from the deep and dark web, as well as public messaging apps and less regulated social networks. The Platform uses advanced filters and machine learning models to detect relevant threat data. With this capability, organizations can detect data breaches, be alerted to criminal planning discussions, and gather other relevant information from a broad range of online spaces for threat intelligence.

The Echosec Systems API

The API supports Echosec Systems with access to a broad range of data sources. It can also be used on its own by technical teams looking to augment an existing UI with additional data sources. The API uses AI classifiers trained to detect data breaches and radical language, toxicity, and sentiment.


10 Things Echosec Systems Can Do For You

1) Alert your organization to physical safety risks and location-based content. Organizations can better secure people and other concrete assets with faster access to public social media data. Information about immediate risks, such as travel disruptions, bomb threats, and active shooter situations often reach social media faster than other sources—even on-the-ground personnel. Geofencing technology gives users a comprehensive window into any location on earth.

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2) Track public sentiment towards a brand or entity. This helps organizations mitigate customer complaints and bad press, inform PR and marketing campaigns, and track political climates and other global events that could affect your organization.

3) Find data breaches as early as possible. Email dumps and other leaks on unindexed paste sites are often early indicators of a breach. Finding mentions of a company name or other personally identifiable information when it’s published enables organizations to contain and mitigate breaches before it’s too late.

4) Detect threats in both image and text-based content. Advanced filters allows users to find critical data whatever the medium.

5) Stay informed about current online risks—such as phishing campaigns, SIM jacking, and other cyber attacks. Accessing discussions on the deep and dark web keeps organizations up-to-date on current threats and campaigns. This information can be used to educate personnel and adapt security strategies to prevent an attack.

6)  Manage your organization’s threat intelligence strategy through customized reporting and alerts services. This is ideal for organizations that don’t have resources for their own cybersecurity department, or require an extension to their in-house team.

7) Relieve security teams burdened with processing an overwhelming amount of threat data. Machine learning models and advanced filtering enable the Platform to automate threat data analysis and contextualization.

8) Give users in-depth threat data access without viewing the original source. Critical data is often sourced from networks like Tor and I2P, which can be dangerous to navigate. Accessing these networks internally is also prohibited by some organizations, like financial institutions. Users can view text-based data within the Platform from a regular browser with no need to download applications like Tor.

9) Access threat data from sources not available through other APIs. The Echosec Systems API gives users comprehensive access to paste sites and niche social networks where data breaches and other cyber threats are common.

10) Access critical online data compliantly. Accessing data without respect to providers’ terms of service and regional privacy laws like the GDPR is not only unethical, but can disrupt services and have negative business impacts. Check out our compliance blog to learn more about the advantages of using compliant tools.

two people looking at code on a computerManaging a constant barrage of cyber threats is the new reality for any organization with a digital footprint. Many institutions, from retail to law enforcement, are aware of current risks and are actively invested in threat intelligence solutions. However, without tools that offer comprehensive access to a variety of social networks and unindexed areas of the web. they could be overlooking critical data. 

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This access is crucial for organizations seeking cyber threat intelligence and location-based data for physical and digital protection anywhere in the world. As the threat intelligence market flourishes, consumers will also notice variation in how these platforms and services approach issues of data provider compliance and privacy legislation. 

Echosec Systems offers organizations the best of both worlds: broad data access for a variety of use cases, combined with high compliance standards. Whether you’re outsourcing a threat intelligence solution, looking for robust software for your in-house security team, or looking for an API to leverage your current threat intelligence platform, Echosec Systems has a solution for you.

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