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5 Ways Digital Agencies Are Using Social Media Monitoring

Echosec Systems June 21, 2018 Social Media Monitoring, Executive & Brand Protection

Social media listening tools are everywhere these days. Each one has a different set of value props ranging from sentiment analysis to influencer scoring. No matter how you slice it, there is tremendous value in having many ears to the online conversation.

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The question for agencies isn’t whether or not they need a social media listening tool, but knowing what type of tool will best serve them, and what functionality will best protect & grow the brands they serve. Here are a few ways that agencies are using geo-based social media listening tools, and why in our online landscape, location-based information is still crucial for monitoring the success and security of brands.

5 Ways Digital Agencies use Social Media Listening Tools

1. To win new clients

Digital agencies are always striving to demonstrate to prospective clients a personalized level of service. Among the multitude of clients in a particular agency portfolio, each client wants to feel like they are your only client. With the right tools, you can do just that.

New call-to-action

With location based social listening tools, you can get to know prospective clients by researching their brand names, as well as their brick and mortar locations well in advance of your meeting. That way when it’s time to approach them, you are well prepared with some data already collected. This is a great way to tailor your pitch, and demonstrate to clients that you have every channel covered when it comes the online health of their brand.

This is especially impactful when pitching to international clients who operate in countries where social listening is less common. This technology is becoming well known in North America and Europe where it is prolific to employ some kind of monitoring tool. In many areas of the world however, social monitoring, listening and geofence marketing are completely new and very impressive concepts.

2. To build micro influencer networks

Social Media Influencers are people who have established online credibility in a specific industry. They thereby have access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Relationships with influencers are vital for agencies these days. From building brand trust, to increasing visibility,  building an influencer network is essential for improving the reputation of the agency itself, and the reputation of affiliated brands.

Social media listening tools allow users to easily identify who’s talking about a brand, industry, or topic. If the tool is location-based, it will also show where the posts are coming from and how influential these users are.

In this example we’ve searched for the word YOGA in SANTA MONICA CA.

Social Media Listening Tool

In just a few clicks, we’ve found a number of micro influencers in Santa Monica, talking about yoga on social media.

3. To be in multiple places at once

Agencies are running multiple campaigns for a number of clients at all times. With a location-based social media platform, you can keep an eye on brick and mortar locations through geofencing and monitoring the social activity that originates from those areas. This gives agencies the ability to find all of the posts related to or referring to their client’s brands, even if the posts don’t directly mention the brand, or a related hashtag. Location-based search goes beyond hashtags to discover what is really happening, anywhere, in real time.

The search stream function serves as a 24/7 news feed of your saved searches. These searches can be very broad, or very specific, depending on your particular needs.

Example: Mentions of "Yoga" in various locations within a specific date range

Social Media Stream

Global keyword search for the word “BreakingNews.”

Breaking News Social Media

4. To analyze competitors

Social monitoring allows you to understand the activity around your own brand as well as the activity around your competitors. Your competitors actions can be leveraged in essentially every aspect of your business, outside of just marketing and PR. Agencies can use competitor information to advise clients about their campaigns in the campaign’s early stages. With geofencing, your client can be one of the first to know. An agency that can provide deep insights about competitors have the data they need to prove themselves quickly to a new client.

Ex: What’s being said about Iphone in New York City and London is indispensable information to a company like Samsung.

Social Media Analytics Analyze competitors


5. To measure event engagement

If your agency organizes brand activations, conferences, or other events, using a listening tool with geofencing capabilities is your secret weapon for measuring and increasing engagement.

Not only can you track mentions, related hashtags, and press surrounding the event, you can also create a geofence around the location itself and the surrounding area to see what people are saying without mention of the event itself.

Example: Comic Con

Social Media Engagement

Social media listening tools are essential in today's agency toolkit. Leveraging location-based social listening means that agencies can get very specific about which regions they care about. Geofencing makes it very quick and easy to discover what's happening anywhere in real time.

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